Italy Summer Abroad

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Soak in the history of the birthplace of the great Roman Empire and Italian Renaissance, and take in over 40 different UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Studying in Rome, Italy's largest city with over 5 million inhabitants, or Florence, its cultural capital, will provide all you hope for.

Italy Summer Study Abroad Programs

January in Florence, Italy
January in Florence, Italy Italy

Our January in Florence three-week program allows you to earn credit towards your degree during your summer break while taking in the delectable cuisine, soaking up the vibrant culture and admiring the impressive history of Florence, Italy.

January in France, Italy and Greece
January in France, Italy and Greece Italy

Remarkable culture, magnificent landscapes and architecture, fascinating history, delicious cuisine, shopping and market madness – if this sounds enticing, then this engaging travel-based program is for you! Earn academic credit while you travel the Mediterranean, visiting various cities throughout France, Italy and Greece.

January in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Czech Republic
January in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Czech Republic Italy

This travelling program emphasises the great cities of Europe through visits to Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, and Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Prague, Czech Republic. Soak up these world-class cities' art, architecture, culture and history as you explore each city as a living, breathing "classroom."