Benefits of Study Abroad

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Besides seeing parts of the world you’ve never been to and having an adventure of a lifetime, there is an endless list of benefits when it comes to going abroad to study, intern or volunteer. It is hard to measure the countless skills and advantages students gain from overseas experiences, but here are CISaustralia’s Top 15 Ways You Will Benefit from Going Abroad!

Going abroad will significantly increase your:

  1. Open-mindedness
  2. Employability
  3. Academic performance
  4. Adaptability
  5. Independence
  6. Self-confidence
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Teamwork skills
  9. Communication skills
  10. Networking and making of friends around the globe
  11. Life experience
  12. Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  13. Understanding of global issues
  14. Foreign language skills
  15. Motivation in all aspects of life

All of these and more contribute to your professional and personal growth. Whether you want to go overseas for new experiences, or whether you want to do it to further yourself academically and professionally, you’re going to benefit in ways that are immeasurable!

Industry Research

For further information, see what the industry research has to say about mobility and its benefits!

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