Health and Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines indicate the measures taken to ensure the health and safety of our students. The guidelines cover the responsibilities of all parties involved to help ensure a safe and healthy study abroad experience.

Who are the various parties?

  • CISaustralia
  • Your Australian University
  • Your overseas host university / program / placement / internship organisation overseas
  • You as a program participant (student)
  • Your parents / guardians and your family

The Centre for International Studies (CISaustralia)

  1. Provides written information on safety, health, environmental, political and cultural conditions in the country where your host institution/program is located (“Host Country”), as well as general guidelines for safety abroad.
  2. Provides a pre-departure orientation reviewing health, safety, environmental and cultural conditions in the country where your program is located, as well as general guidelines for safety abroad. Our trained counseling staff start to impart this knowledge to students from the initial enquiry – and the conversation is ongoing via numerous channels.
  3. All CISaustralia students are requested as a priority to subscribe with Smartraveller as part of the CISaustralia enrolment process, which is administered by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, prior to departure on a program.
  4. Provides information concerning health insurance requirements and healthcare for each host country.
  5. Maintains good communication among all relevant parties in cases of serious health problems, injury or other significant health and safety circumstances.
  6. Stays up-to-date on Australian and relevant overseas travel advisories and current news.
  7. Provides a 24-hour emergency contact number for use in the event of a crisis or emergency.
  8. Provides affiliate universities, partners and programs with CISaustralia contact information including 24-hour emergency contact phone number.

Australian University

  1. Considers relevant physical and mental health factors and other conditions, such as disciplinary history, when advising or recommending that students participate in CISaustralia programs.
  2. May recommend that a student is not approved or suitable for an overseas study program.
  3. Should provide pre-departure information to participants, emphasising student responsibility for their health and safety abroad.

Host University / Program / Placement / Internship Organisation Overseas

  1. Informs participants about general safety issues with special emphasis on local conditions and customs through orientation on arrival and written materials as appropriate.
  2. Monitors the safety of student housing and informs you of any conditions that may entail a different level of personal responsibility than conditions at home.
  3. Provides information to you on available medical and professional services and emergency contacts.
  4. Communicates promptly with CISaustralia in case of major emergencies involving your health and safety.
  5. Advises you and informs CISaustralia in the event of civil unrest or natural disasters.
  6. Assists students who have been victims of a crime and need to contact police or other authorities.
  7. Passes on travel warning messages sent by CISaustralia or the Australian institution to all CISaustralia students.

The Student

  1. Read and carefully consider all materials issued by CISaustralia and the host university / program / placement / internship organisation relating to safety, health, legal, environmental, political and cultural conditions in host countries.
  2. Consider your health and other personal circumstances when applying for or accepting a CISaustralia offer of acceptance.
  3. Make available to CISaustralia accurate and complete physical and mental health information and any other personal data necessary in planning for a safe and healthy study abroad experience.
  4. Assume responsibility for your preparation for the program and for participating fully in the CISaustralia pre-departure orientation by way of attending any sessions or webinars offered and reading the pre-departure guide prior to travel.
  5. Fully participate in the on-site orientation provided by the host institution/program.
  6. Follow all procedures for obtaining host country health insurance and consider the CISaustralia recommendation to purchase supplemental healthcare.
  7. Abide by any conditions imposed by the airline carriers.
  8. Inform parents / guardians / families, and any others who may need to know, about your participation in a CISaustralia program and provide them with a copy of the emergency contact details.
  9. Inform parents / guardians / families of host-country activities and travel plans.
  10. Understand and comply with the terms of participation, codes of conduct and emergency procedures of CISaustralia and the host institution/program, and obey host country laws.
  11. Be aware of local conditions and customs that may present health or safety risks when making daily choices and decisions. Promptly express any health or safety concerns to the host institution/program coordinator and/or the CISaustralia Site Director.
  12. Behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights and wellbeing of others, and encourage others to behave in a similar manner.
  13. Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  14. Become familiar with procedures for obtaining emergency health and law enforcement services in the host country.
  15. Seek assistance from the international student coordinator at the host university/program or the CISaustralia Site Director if problems occur that seriously affect your wellbeing.
  16. Inform host institution/program of travel plans during your time abroad.

Parents / Guardians / Families

  1. Be involved in the decision of the participant (student) to apply for and accept an offer of participation to a CISaustralia program.
  2. Review the health and safety information and guidelines provided by CISaustralia and engage the participant (student) in a thorough discussion of safety and behaviour issues, insurance needs and emergency procedures related to living abroad.

Source: These guidelines were formulated using the recommendations of the International Task Force on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad and amended for appropriate use by CISaustralia, in the Australian context.

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