Environmental Sustainability

Studying overseas is an exciting and life-changing opportunity. There is no better way to expand your professional and personal horizons, to learn about how the world works outside your home country, and to make new friends. At CISaustralia we understand that international education is about much more than simply seeing new places and having an incredible experience, it’s the first step on your journey to becoming a global citizen.

Climate systems are changing rapidly as a result of human activity, primarily from burning fossil fuels. Record high temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events are occurring in Australia and all around the world. Much of the world’s progress has been powered by economic growth which has come with a heavy environmental price tag attached and we are now stretching the earth’s resources to the breaking point.

Your actions can make a difference! You might worry that your positive actions to reduce your carbon footprint and be environmentally conscious won’t count for much but collective action quickly mounts up and can help tip the scales towards a better balance for the health of our planet. Taking small steps to tackle climate change can give you the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference and, importantly, contributes to building a broader consensus around the need for change.

That is why we have developed the Green Book: Tips & Resources for Sustainable Learning Abroad to help travellers understand the positive impact they can have on the world and what steps to take to lighten their environmental footprint when travelling on a CISaustralia program.

This guide is filled with practical tips and useful resources on what to pack and how to choose the lowest carbon travel options, as well as how sustainability can help you make local connections and build skills that will benefit your future and career. We hope you enjoy this resource and that it will make your learning abroad experience with CISaustralia even more rewarding! Hear from Founder and Executive Director, Brad Dorahy, to learn more about this initiative.

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CISaustralia has been selected as a 2020 Finalist for the PIEoneer Sustainability International Impact Award! The Green Book initiative was a significant factor towards our award nomination. A big thank you to everyone who has read, shared and valued this resource in the international education industry across the world!

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