Crisis Management Team

The CISaustralia Crisis Management Team includes persons who are able to make decisions that are best for the health and safety of students. In a crisis situation, all members are notified and communicated with until such time as the crisis has ended and a resolution has been found.

24/7/365 Support

CISaustralia offers 24-hour emergency assistance to all students and their parents in Australia and in-country. We have on-site contacts available 24/7/365 in all of the locations we operate. These on-site individuals have a network of local contacts (police, fire, hospital, embassy) with whom they can be in communication with should the need arise. Contact details for the CISaustralia Site Director and/or On-Site Senior Representative are provided to program participants in pre-departure materials and orientation.

The CISaustralia emergency phone number (strictly for emergency calls only – no SMS):

  • 0424 649 958 (in Australia)
  • +61 424 649 958 (overseas)

Members of the CISaustralia Crisis Management Team

Brad Dorahy, Executive Director – CISaustralia
+61 (0) 7 5571 7887

Emma Cao – Admissions and Enrolment Manager – CISaustralia
+61 (0) 7 5571 7887

Jane O’Keeffe – Customised Programs Coordinator – CISaustralia
(Specifically for Customised Faculty Led Programs – only)
+61 (0) 7 5571 7887

Jeff Palm, Executive Director – CISabroad (USA)

In the Event of an Emergency

Contact details for the CISaustralia Site Director and/or On-Site Senior Representative are also provided to all related University students on a CISaustralia program as part of their pre-departure materials. This information is provided to students 2-4 weeks prior to departure (pending application / acceptance date and departure).

When contacting CISaustralia in any emergency situation, students should always first contact the on-site CISaustralia or partner emergency staff / telephone number(s). If there is no response on the CISaustralia emergency number(s), then staff from the CISaustralia Crisis Management Team should be contacted – Emergency Call (no SMS) +61 (0) 424 649 958.

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