Italian Language in Florence, Italy

Learn or improve your Italian language skills during your summer or winter break while taking in the delectable cuisine, soaking up the vibrant culture and admiring the impressive history of Florence, Italy.

Program Overview

Want to brush up on your Italian? You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of Italian language courses offered at a range of levels. Upon arrival you will be immersed immediately into the Florentine culture. You will have the opportunity for plenty of activities to keep you busy such as city tours, group outings to places around Florence such as galleries, restaurants and more in this Renaissance city.

The perfect city – As a medium-sized city, it won’t take you more than a few days to learn your way around and with so much packed in, there is plenty to keep you occupied during your stay! Make sure to check out the historic city centre, outlying towns and the beautiful snowcapped Apennine Mountains.

Your one-stop shop – Why not take a quick trip to Rome, Venice or Milan? Or perhaps a weekend away to Paris, London or Prague? You’ll be surprised at how affordable European airfares are once you arrive.

Genuine Tuscan food – Everywhere you look you will see and smell local, family-owned cafes and restaurants offering the very best of Italian cuisine. Pasta, pizza, tiramisu and local red wine – life won’t get any better!

Location, location, location – During your Italian Language in Florence program, you will be based in close proximity to neighbouring European countries. Fancy a quick getaway to Spain or France for some cheese and baguette, or maybe a long weekend swimming in Santorini? Or perhaps a weekend away to Paris, London or Prague? You’ll be surprised at how affordable European airfares are once you arrive.

An art lover’s paradise – View famous masterpieces in museums such as the Uffizi Gallery, then purchase your own treasure from a local street artist. You can also choose to take art classes such as photography and painting.

History brought to life – If you’ve heard of the Medici family, you will know that Florence is the best city in the world to discover their history. Spend the morning listening to a class lecture on the powerful Medici family, then walk just minutes from campus to see where the family lived during the Renaissance.


We know you’re going to love our Italian Language in Florence, Italy program. A few highlights include:

  • With many language programs for you to choose from, you can pick your own adventure!
  • Courses are taught in English, or in full Italian for more advanced speakers
  • Local English-speaking support staff
  • Smaller class sizes of 8 to 25 students mean you will receive personalised teaching and close attention from the academic team
  • Numerous options for experiencing the city’s music, art, dance, food and more!
  • Cook for yourself in your apartment or enjoy food from the local market and many restaurants
  • Vibrant campus life with fully equipped gym, library and internet access
  • Everything you could ever need or want is within walking distance of the city centre
  • Enjoy a social calendar full of exciting cultural activities – some activities you may choose to do include aperitivo in the piazza, exploring Florence’s local boutique and markets, wine tasting at nearby wineries, art galleries, music events… the list is endless!
  • World-class location – it’s a tourist’s dream destination and you will be living the authentic Italian lifestyle
  • Organised accommodation with fellow international students – immediate friends!

Choose Your Course

Italian language courses are offered at Florence University of the Arts (FUA). Programs are available in January and between May and July each year.

Course Load: Take 1 or 2 courses (equivalent to 1 or 2 full-time academic courses in Australia)

  • Depending on your Australian university, “courses” may be referred to as “subjects” or “units”.
  • Each course/subject/unit you undertake on a CISaustralia program is designed to be a full-time, semester course that has been condensed to fit into an intensive, short-term program. As such, for any 1 course you study abroad, you should receive the credit points for 1 full-time course/subject/unit at your Australian university.
  • Many universities work off of a 1-for-1 equivalency (1 course abroad = 1 course in Australia), but ultimately credit approval is the decision of your faculty and Australian university.
  • CISaustralia strongly recommends that you have any overseas courses pre-approved for academic credit before you depart for your program. Some documentation that may be useful are the course outline/syllabus, program overview and the contact hours.
  • Although you will only take 1-2 classes during the program, it is best to get 3-4 courses approved by your home university in Australia before you go to Italy. This gives you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule and allows you to easily switch courses if needed once you get on-site. Why not consider opting for an interesting elective if your degree allows?
  • Please be aware that the courses listed below are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed year on year.
  • Your CISaustralia Program Advisor can assist with any questions or details your university needs to make a decision.

How to Choose Your Course(s): This is the fun part. As part of the application process you will complete a CISaustralia Course Selection Worksheet. The following instructions will guide you through the steps in choosing your courses.

Academic Requirements: To qualify for this program, students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 4.5 (out of 7) or equivalent. If your current GPA falls below the requirement, you may still be considered for the program but will need to be prepared to provide supporting documentation. Please contact us to discuss your situation and we will work with you to help find another suitable program if required.

Course Descriptions:

CREDITS: 3 US credits / 45 contact hours
OFFERED: July Sessions: 4, B

This course offers an innovative way to learn the Italian language and develop environmental consciousness while exploring Florence and its surroundings. Through the study of the relationship between humans and nature, the human role in ecology, and the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, students will learn basic Italian vocabulary and usage in the form of experiential learning.

The course aims to develop four basic Italian language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), while providing experiences and on-site lessons aimed at expanding the connection between individuals and the natural world and developing sustainable lifestyles. Each topic, excursion, and experience will be supported by a structured class of Italian language, providing a great opportunity to explore Florence, its parks, its people, and its traditions from a new perspective while learning and practicing the Italian language.

This course includes an Italian language component for beginning-level students. SLC (Studies with a Language Component) represents an engaging approach to learning that embraces a multi-disciplinary application of cultural education methods. This stimulating approach broadens students’ understanding of their studies and creates a link between their academic careers and the local cultural environment which surrounds them. Through SLC courses, students learn notions of Italian language and terminology as a bridge to better understand and appreciate Italy’s modern, multifaceted society. By being exposed to the Italian language, Students discover different elements of Italian communication and culture and learn the linguistic fundamentals that enable them to engage in simple, everyday conversation. While doing so, they examine the sociological and pedagogical aspects of Italy such as society, politics, education, family, geography, and the environment. SLC is a learning methodology that integrates theory with practice: students learn the culture and language of Italy in class, then experience what they have learned through interaction with the local communities within the city of Florence and its neighborhoods. Diverse student populations benefit from this educational approach.

CREDITS: 3 US credits / 45 contact hours
OFFERED: January / July Sessions: 1, 2, 3, 4, A, B

This course develops basic conversation, reading, and writing skills. Equal focus will be given to grammatical structures, vocabulary, and conversation skills. Students will develop a vocabulary that will enable them to engage in simple but useful everyday conversations, thus enhancing and supporting their Italian experience. Upon course conclusion, students will be able to express themselves in basic sentences, recognize gender and number in both nouns and adjectives, and begin approaching the Passato Prossimo. Emphasis will be given to the oral expression of practical vocabulary and newly acquired grammar structures. This level is for absolute beginner students who have never studied Italian before.

CREDITS: 6 US credits / 90 contact hours
OFFERED: July Sessions: A, B

This intensive six-credit course is intended for students with no prior knowledge of Italian. It will give students the opportunity to experience a total language immersion, learning how to use gradually more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary. Upon course conclusion, students will be able to communicate simple and routine tasks, discuss familiar and routine topics and describe his/her background, and understand clear standard speech on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. The course will start from linguistic fundamentals and essential grammatical structures, including singular and plural forms of articles, adjectives, nouns, and their agreement; regular and some irregular conjugations of -are, -ere, -ire verbs in the Present tense; and simple prepositions. It will then move on to reflexive verbs, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the Past, and direct object pronouns. It will finally introduce students to Future and Conditional tenses, possessive adjectives, and indirect object pronouns, along with the continued practice of expanding vocabulary and gradual building of complexity in grammatical structures. All lessons will be taught in Italian.

CREDITS: 3 US credits / 45 contact hours
OFFERED: July Sessions: 2, 4, A, B

Pre-requisites: One semester of Italian language or equivalent.

This course builds on and extends fundamental skills developed in the beginning-level course. Emphasis is placed on developing fluency skills and integration of language and culture through more extensive reading and writing. Upon course completion, students will be able to express polite requests using the Present Conditional and develop their language ability by using direct and indirect object pronouns. This course is aimed at students who already have a basic vocabulary of Italian and some knowledge of elementary language structures.

CREDITS: 3 US credits / 45 contact hours
OFFERED: July Sessions: 3, B

Pre-requisites: Two semesters of Italian language or equivalent. Italian Language Placement Test required.

This level is for those students who already have an active knowledge of elementary language structures (i.e. the expression of past actions and events, discussion of future plans), can communicate simple and routine tasks, discuss familiar and routine topics and describe his/her background, and can understand clear standard speech on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. Upon course conclusion, students will be able to use more complex pronouns both in spoken and written Italian and will have a basic grasp of the following topics: Condizionale, Trapassato Prossimo, Pronomi Relativi, Imperativo and a basic grasp of the four tenses of Subjunctive.

CREDITS: 3 US credits / 45 contact hours
OFFERED: July Sessions: 4, B

This course is based on the acquisition of more complex grammar structures to express personal opinions and preferences. The level prepares students to participate in conversations on topics with which they are familiar pertaining to personal interests or everyday life (i.e. family, hobbies, work, travel, and current events). During this course, students will develop skills that will allow them to narrate a story, relate the plot of a book or film, or write properly about topics that are familiar or of personal interest. Upon course completion, students will have developed a good understanding of the Subjunctive and will be able to judge when to use the Indicative, Subjunctive, or Conditional moods.

Prerequisites: Three semesters of Italian language.

COVID Safe Travel

The health and safety of our students is our highest priority. We take our duty of care for our students, their families and our Australian University partners seriously. For all of our program locations, we have developed a site-specific COVID-19 risk matrix and risk management and emergency response plans so that health and safety response protocols are monitored, managed and communicated.

In preparation for your overseas program, it’s important that you carefully read and understand information related to COVID-19 Travel Safety and Insurance Requirements.

CISaustralia monitors Smartraveller and reliable news feeds to keep up to date with the latest COVID information and any associated travel restrictions and entry requirements for all destinations where we have programs. Due to the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation, Government travel advice can change quickly. For the most up to date information on Italy, visit the Smartraveller website.


Included in the program is a Farewell Aperitivo with your Site Director, which includes two beverages and finger foods. During your program you will also enjoy one (1) cultural excursion. The excursion may vary from year to year, but please see a few previous examples below:

  • Arno River boat tour with Aperitivo
  • Gelato tasting tour

Outside of planned activities, you will also have the opportunity to discover some of Italy’s most spectacular cities and attractions. Below are a few of the many places you might like to visit and activities to undertake during your free time (at own expense) in Florence:

  • The Duomo, Florence’s famous cathedral dome, dominates the skyline of Florence
  • Uffizi Gallery houses some of the most important works of the Renaissance
  • The Accademia houses Michelangelo’s David, one of the most famous sculptures in the world
  • The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) connects the Uffizi to Palazzo Pitti
  • Santa Maria Novella Church, Tuscany’s most important Gothic church
  • Piazza della Signoria, the Political Heart of Florence

The CISaustralia Site Director in Florence can also provide participants with any assistance or advice regarding local cultural and tourist activities.


As a medium-sized city, it won’t take you more than a few days to learn your way around but with so much to do, your time will go quickly. With so much to see like the countless museums, galleries, shops and plazas we know you’re going to love your stay in Florence. Make sure to check out the historic city centre, outlying towns and the beautiful snowcapped Apennine Mountains.

Florence is the capital of the charming Tuscan region in Italy and has a population of around 400,000 people. Although a famous tourist destination, Florentines (locals) know where to find the best osterias (restaurants), boutiques and stores which are often hidden away from the tourist crowds.

Geographically, Italy is located in south central Europe, close to neighbouring countries such as France, Greece and Spain – it’s a traveller’s delight. Italy is shaped like a high-heeled boot kicking a triangle, which is the island of Sicily.

Italy borders France, Austria and Switzerland to the north and also borders Slovenia along the Alps. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia also form part of the country.

The University

Your Italian Language in Florence program will be hosted at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA-AUF).

The University is located in the heart of this magical city so you will have easy, walking accessibility to some of the country’s most famous tourist attractions. The Ponte Vecchio and the Basilica of Santa Croce are just minutes from the campus!

FUA-AUF’s mission aims to offer a unique educational model for international students. Through this model, FUA-AUF allows students to integrate, benefit, and learn from their academic experience with teaching methodologies that are based on the experience, integration, and engagement with the local community.

Some key points about FUA include:

  • FUA was established with International students in mind and offers culturally engaging programs
  • Classes are taken in important historic palaces and locations throughout Florence’s city centre
  • Your lecturers will come from Italy and across Europe
  • Class sizes range from 8-25 students and are taught in English (except for the Italian language courses!).
  • The emphasis is on Italian and Florentine culture and history
  • English speaking staff that understand what it’s like to study overseas
  • Exceptional facilities including a library, fitness facilities, media labs and courtyards
  • Cultural activities available to participate in including volunteering, sports nights and gallery outings
  • The campus has a fully functioning restaurant that is completely managed, catered, and run by FUA students. This is a unique aspect of the campus and allows you to enjoy this social, cultural experience firsthand.

During your time in Florence, you will become a part of the community, living in your own Florentine apartment and enjoying the many restaurants, cafés and cultural sites throughout this famous city!

Culture in Italy is extremely connected to the food. Italians are known for their wood fired pizzas, olive oil and crusty bread, fresh pasta and desserts. You will certainly never be hungry in this country!

Start packing, because you’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this thriving and distinctly charming Italian city.


This program in Florence provides you with a fully-furnished, fully functional apartment. Apartments are shared with multiple students from around the world, depending on the size and number of rooms in the apartment layout. Bedrooms are shared single-sex rooms with shared bathrooms, with between 3 to 6 students per room & 8-16 students in an apartment. You may request a single bedroom for an extra fee, however single rooms are limited and subject to availability. All apartments are within walking distance or short bus ride from FUA facilities/campuses.

While no two apartments on the program are the same due to the historical nature of the city center, all apartments include:

  • Living/dining room space
  • Storage space for clothing and luggage
  • Bed linen, pillows, towels
  • Kitchen including fridge, oven, stove
  • Basic cookware and utensils
  • Washing machine and drying racks
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Internet access

A meal plan is provided for all students, with 10 meal plan units per week. This equates to approximately 5-10 meals per week at one of FUA’s eateries, e.g. 1 plate of pasta (dinner) = 2 units, 1 snack (lunch) = 1 unit.  The apartments are also self-catered, meaning you will also be able to prepare your own meals – a fun time to share cuisine, a fine wine and stories from around the world, or laugh about your day in Florence. The apartments are located within walking distance to some of Florence’s best markets, stores, restaurants and museums. Take advantage of the local restaurants nearby or buy your own food at the markets and cook at home.

The apartments are older-style housing. They may have air-conditioning however this is not central AC. Apartments do not have clothes dryers and not all apartment buildings have elevators. Please be aware that the apartment buildings also house non-students and as such, there is a very strict noise policy. Overnight guests are not permitted in your accommodation.

Program Fee & Dates

January 2025 (2 weeks)
Application Deadline22 November 2024
Arrival Date06 January 2025
Departure Date18 January 2025
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 6,999 - 7,999
OS-HELP A$ 7,921
Session 1: May 2024 (3 Weeks)
Application Deadline29 March 2024
Arrival Date12 May 2024
Departure Date31 May 2024
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 7,599 - 8,598
OS-HELP A$ 7,921
Session 2: June 2024 (3 weeks)
Application Deadline05 April 2024
Arrival Date02 June 2024
Departure Date21 June 2024
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 7,599 - 8,598
OS-HELP A$ 7,921
Session 3: June-July 2024 (3 weeks)
Application Deadline13 May 2024
Arrival Date23 June 2024
Departure Date12 July 2024
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 7,599 - 8,598
OS-HELP A$ 7,921
Session 4: July-August 2024 (3 weeks)
Application Deadline13 May 2024
Arrival Date14 July 2024
Departure Date02 August 2024
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 7,599 - 8,598
OS-HELP A$ 7,921
Session A: May-June 2024 (6 weeks)
Application Deadline29 March 2024
Arrival Date12 May 2024
Departure Date21 June 2024
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 11,999 - 13,998
OS-HELP A$ 7,921
Session B: June-August 2024 (6 weeks)
Application Deadline13 May 2024
Arrival Date23 June 2024
Departure Date02 August 2024
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 11,999 - 13,998
OS-HELP A$ 7,921


Program fees include the following:
  • CISaustralia support services before, during and after the program
  • Academic advising
  • Financial advice
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure guide and session
  • Airport pick-up (on specified program arrival date within designated arrival times)
  • Shared apartment accommodation (additional fee for a single room*)
  • 10 meal plan units per week**
  • Tuition fees
  • FUA application fee, student service fee, library fee
  • Free use of gym and gym classes
  • FUA Educational Field Trip (EFT) included with some courses, but not all
  • Farewell Aperitivo with your Site Director
  • 1x local cultural excursion
  • Program risk matrix and COVID-19 risk assessment
  • Risk Management and Emergency Response Plan
  • CISaustralia 24/7 on-site support – Site Director
  • Florence University of the Arts transcript
  • CISaustralia Certificate of Participation (available on request)

Please note: Some courses may have an additional ‘materials fee’ payable on arrival. Specific course material fees are usually between $50 and $100.

*Please note that housing is limited and we cannot guarantee a single room. If we are unable to assign you to a single room, we will refund you the additional fee paid.

**10 meal plan units per week equates to approximately 5-10 meals per week at one of FUA’s eateries. E.g. 1 plate of pasta (dinner) = 2 units, 1 snack (lunch) = 1 unit

What is not included:

  • Program application fee
  • International Student Identity Card
  • Flights (CISaustralia will however provide travel guidance and support via our formal travel partner)
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Vaccinations (if required)
  • Meals (unless mentioned above)
  • Extra travel/excursions (other than those mentioned above)

Dates are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

CISaustralia reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.

Adventure Awaits

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