Global Express Pass

Congratulations Chenoa!

Chenoa Masters is studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education at Queensland University of Technology. She has been awarded the CISaustralia Global Express Pass ($17,000+ scholarship) to participate on each of the three following programs:

Community Development in the Philippines

9 January – 20 February 2017

“It has gone so fast, but I love it here. The culture, people, placement, lifestyle, everything is amazing. My favourite part is easily the kids. You could be having your worst day, but they make you feel invincible and like you’re the best thing to happen. They make every day, every little struggle worthwhile. These kids make me want to push myself as a better teacher and go above and beyond for them, because of their love of learning. I’m so lucky because they teach me so much every day!” – Chenoa Masters

Click here to read Chenoa’s reflection on her experience in the Philippines.

July in Chicago, USA

30 June – 12 August 2017

“Psychology and Digital Media are two subjects that I am most passionate about and I’m so glad to have had the chance to study at Loyola University in Chicago. My professors were kind and had a great teaching style. Blending into the American education system was really interesting. It taught me a lot about my own learning style and the Australian education system…

You always hear how America and Australia are so similar yet operate so differently and I can say that my experiences have reflected this very statement. Overall, my 6-week summer college experience has been phenomenal. I can gladly say that I’ve gained so much during my stay there and there is always something to do in America!” – Chenoa Masters

Click here to read Chenoa’s reflection on her experience in Chicago.

Intern in Spain

6 November – 2 December 2017

Chenoa spent four weeks in Barcelona, Spain undertaking an internship at a primary school as part of her Intensive Internship Experience (IIE).

Adventure Awaits

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