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CISaustralia specialises in the design, development and implementation of Customised Faculty Led Programs (CFLP). CIS has been offering CFLPs for over ten years, and in 2017 supported over 100 customised programs and 1,000 students.

Since its inception, CIS has sent students and faculty from Vietnam, the United States, Brazil, China, Australia and the United Kingdom around the globe to over 40 destinations.

We have a team of 8 staff, located in both Australia and the US, dedicated to building cost effective, stress free, safe and enjoyable, high quality academic Customised Faculty Led Programs.

Benefits of a CFLP with CISaustralia

  • Comprehensive programs which can include international airfare, accommodation, 24/7 on-site support from a CIS staff person, internal transport, teaching facilities, excursions and complete itineraries customised to fit the needs of the faculty.
  • CIS has a wide range of destinations and program types, including both traditional academic programs and experiential, service-based opportunities.
  • Affordable program costs based on the logistics of your course or program.
  • Student access to government funding and scholarships, such as OS-HELP.
  • A quality overseas cultural and academic experience, monitored and overseen by the university itself.
  • Assists in meeting the university’s overarching strategic goals associated with teaching and learning, research, professional development, internationalisation and improved student retention, engagement and academic performance.
  • Significant reduction of institutional and student risk by ensuring adequate insurance is in place and a comprehensive critical incident plan exists.
  • Faculty will receive a ‘Marketing Guide’ on acceptance of the program.


“We have run a very successful law and politics faculty led program in close coordination with CISaustraia for the last 2 years. The program has been centred around London and Cambridge. CISaustralia managed the logistics, contributed to program design, saving the Faculty significant time, with students and faculty having a very enjoyable and academically enriching experience. The CISaustralia on site staff, Shandin, was engaged, very well trained, ensured the schedule ran efficiently. Shandin also handled a bout of illness that effected a number of our students very professionally and with maximum care for the students. This ensured the other students’ academic and cultural experience was not affected. The review and evaluation process has also been robust and valuable. I would highly recommend CISaustralia to any University or academic staff member looking to embark on a faculty led study tour.”

Professor Clement Macintyre, Politics and Law | UK Study Tour (2015 and 2016) | Politics and International Studies | University of Adelaide

“My experience in having the assistance of CIS in planning, organising and logistical support for a one-month Faculty led study program in North America exceeded all expectations. The CIS team worked brilliantly with my University’s Study Abroad and Exchange Office and with me to tailor a first-rate academic and sightseeing program in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. It was a huge help to be able to leave organisational aspects such as transport, accommodation, conference registration and even meal arrangements to CIS knowing that we were in good hands throughout. An added bonus was having a CIS member with local knowledge accompany us throughout the program, taking us on excursions to many local attractions that it would have been impossible to manage on our own. I have no hesitation in recommending CIS as a first-rate partner in educational study abroad and exchange programs, and look forward to working with them again very soon. Thanks especially to Brad Dorahy in Australia and Rachael Capuano in Canada / US for a wonderful experience!”

Dr. Gregor Urbas | Associate Professor of Law  | University of Canberra, Australia

“Western Sydney University has worked with CISaustralia since late 2013 and signed a formal agreement in 2014. The University collaborated with CISaustralia to run a faculty-led, short-term study program to Singapore and Malaysia in February 2015, focussing on business and manufacturing. During the development and organisation of the program, CISaustralia provided an excellent level of support and were able to tailor the program to the individual needs of the academic program leader.  

Brad and the CISaustralia team are responsive and flexible and work closely with the University to deliver good student and program outcomes. CISaustralia have been actively engaged with our outbound student mobility programme, and have successfully recruited Western Sydney University students to a number of their Summer and Winter short courses. We are very satisfied with the performance and support provided and would not hesitate in recommending CISaustralia services.”

Jo Byng | Associate Director, Western Sydney International | Western Sydney University

“With over 30 years of relatively extensive study and independent travel in Asia, I was initially sceptical about the ‘value add’ of CIS in organising my first Study Tour abroad (Vietnam). However, I was greatly impressed with their organisation, itinerary and both local and US-based staff. Extraordinary courtesy and care were accorded to both me and the students, and to the academic requirements of the program. Much of the success in terms of academic learning and developing strong personal relations within and beyond the student cohort was due to the competency and attention of the staff. One of the local guides in particular had exceptional English, a quick wit, deep and broad knowledge of his country and took his duty of care very seriously. As a bonus, the accommodation and quality of the restaurants exceeded our expectations and we were provided with access to various excursions tailored to the course, some of which would otherwise have been difficult to organise. The overwhelming level of student satisfaction was extremely gratifying. I have no reservations in recommending CIS and I hope we can work together again.”

Catherine Burns, PhD | International Business and Asian Studies | Griffith Business School

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