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Behind, Beneath & Beyond Social Media

CISaustralia is able to customise an innovative and unique virtual professional development program for students to get an in-depth look into social media. “Behind, Beneath & Beyond Social Media” offers students a comprehensive real world look into social media: how it works behind the scenes, the positive and negative aspects that are hiding beneath, and what lies beyond the horizon. Program highlights include:

  • 10+ sessions led by real world subject matter experts (further details below)
  • Session on exponential thinking sets a common framework for the course and helps you keep an open mind while exploring a wide variety of topics
  • Discover what lies behind social media, including artificial intelligence, ethics and data
  • Look beneath social media to gain an insight into the darker side, including cybersecurity and neuroscience
  • Explore virtual and augmented realities, plus the creative side of Sci Fi Design
  • Cultural odyssey covering cyborgism, biohacking, posthumanism and much more
  • Virtual company visits
  • Pre-program support including orientation session
  • E-certificate upon successful completion
  • Approx. 30 contact session hours

CISaustralia takes pride in providing high-quality customised programs. Join us for this exciting opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of this complicated world that we are all forced to navigate, both personally and professionally.

Academic Requirement: To qualify for this program, students must be in good academic standing. If a student’s current GPA is low, they may still be considered for the program but will need to be prepared to provide supporting documentation.

Support Documents: Students will be asked to provide suitable identification and an electronic copy of their latest transcript.


Program Video

Program Dates

Two weeks on set program dates.

Approx. 3 hours per day.

Program Fee

Includes sessions and workshops from real world subject matter experts, 2 presentations from real world employees, full program support, planning and coordination to ensure an amazing experience for all.

Student Testimonial

“I highly encourage anyone who wants to participate… Not only will it help further your academic, professional and personal development, you will also obtain knowledge that will help you prepare for the future of technology.”

Virtual Session Information

Sessions subject to speaker availability. The final sessions and schedule may change from year-to-year.
Participants will receive a copy of the final itinerary 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the program.

This program session covers the exponential mindset needed for an exponential world. It uses Adventurous Thinking lenses plus the Innovation Quadrant tool for mapping innovation. This session not only describes the difference between linear and exponential thinking, it activates the 10X mindset using the extreme disruption lens of Parkour and includes the need for resiliency throughout.

Can we trust our technology? There is no doubt that AI will change human life in profoundly meaningful and positive ways. But it won’t come without a price: rapid training, displacement, loss of privacy, and the effective handling of many new ethical questions. Here, the speaker addresses what AI means for jobs, the way we define ourselves, our self-esteem, the distribution of wealth and our limited sense of what is possible. The speaker provides vivid and compelling examples of AI applications utilised in the market today, and addresses specific and practical AI insights culled from a wide variety of industries. The speaker shares their expertise and passion for AI, highlighting how it can be combined with other technologies to generate vast new wealth and potentially solve some of humanity’s critical grand challenges. Finally, the speaker facilitates an interactive discussion on the principles necessary to use this powerful technology responsibly and ethically, including near-term issues like privacy, bias, trust and accountability, plus longer-term issues including alignment with potential super intelligences. The speaker communicates the very real possibility of our creating happier, healthier and more secure lives in the future.

Today, the foundational strategies for a modern company to survive relies on data. Data is bigger and faster than ever before. It is said that if you are not a software company today, you will be beaten by a competitor that is. Leveraging data is core to that transition. Exponentially advancing trends in machine intelligence, big compute, data automation, sensors and the Internet of Things is changing every aspect of the opportunities for how we leverage, manage and execute data strategy for our companies today. From data liquidity to centricity, late binding and virtuous cycles, the foundations for building data strategies in companies today are more important than ever for surviving in this age of exponentials.

Meet a company representative from a relevant department who will run the session. Session may include company history and profile, a virtual tour, Q&A, workshop or activities. Final company virtual visits to be confirmed 1-2 weeks prior to program start date.

Explore the current and future effects of security. This session addresses the criminal applications of robotics, virtual worlds, nanotechnology, ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, bio-hacking, social data and location-based crime. Finally, the session closes with a discussion of the latest cybersecurity trends and what we can do about cybercrime.

The genetic code and the neural code, the two fundamental codes of life, are being rapidly digitised through revolutions in gene sequencing and brain mapping. By dissecting the codes of life, we are newly empowered to repair and rebuild humans. But we might also be able to create humans to be something beyond our state of evolution? And how does the ability to read-write to humans make us uniquely vulnerable to being hacked? Human augmentation and other technologies are blurring the lines of what it means to be human.

Meet a company representative from a relevant department who will run the session. Session may include company history and profile, a virtual tour, Q&A, workshop or activities. Final company virtual visits to be confirmed 1-2 weeks prior to program start date.

Spatial computing technologies like virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) have seen an impressive pace of development in recent years. Today, developers are building on virtual world concepts like Second Life by launching a new generation of fully immersive virtual worlds. These are major steps toward the future depicted in stories like Ready Player One. We’re also witnessing the early stages in the building of one of the most important assets in all of computing: the AR Cloud. Some analysts predict that in the next decade, the AR Cloud will be the most important and valuable piece of computing infrastructure in the world—more valuable than Google’s PageRank index or Facebook’s social graph. Development of the AR Cloud will empower developers, businesses (and you) to layer digital AR content on top of the “real” world. In this session, you will learn what the AR Cloud is, identify opportunities within social VR and explore the ways that digital realities, both layered on our real world and captured inside fully immersive ones, will transform our relationship to the use of physical space and reshape how we live, shop, work and play.

Science fiction is more than creative expression: it is an empowering craft for digging into possible futures—as well as the opportunities and roadblocks on the way to those futures. Science fiction, in spite of being an artistic genre, also serves as a methodological approach to envision the future and speculate technologies. Embracing a maker mindset around crafting science fiction (or speculative fiction, or future fiction) enables a fun and safe environment for asking and potentially answering hard questions about the future(s). This session also includes workshop activities focused on modelling the future of social media.

From science fiction to science fact, how the developments in immersive technologies are opening the path to the creation of a new reality. From headsets to mixed reality lenses and haptics, what are the most innovative gadgets, games and simulations that are not only revamping the entertainment industry but ultimately allowing us to expand our sense of identity and embodiment? We will look at cyborgism, biohacking, augmented reality filters, beauty standards and mental health issues, plus postgenderism, posthumanism and much more.

Adventure Awaits

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