USA Winter Abroad

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USA is a large and diverse country, from its bustling cities to its expansive landscapes. Visitors come to enjoy a vibrant multi-cultural environment and exceptional academic and professional opportunities.

USA Winter Abroad Programs

July in Boston, USA
July in Boston, USA USA

Take classes at the diverse and prestigious Boston University, on a campus in a superb location with accessible and economical transport available to explore the region. Boston offers a superb setting for the US summer, combining heaps of culture and history while also providing countless social and adventure opportunities.

July in Chicago, USA
July in Chicago, USA USA

Spend six weeks at an internationally ranked university while getting the chance to experience one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Situated on massive Lake Michigan, Chicago offers some of the world's best art, theatre, music, and parks. During the US summer, the city comes to life in the form of hundreds of festivals.

July in Los Angeles, California at UCLA
July in Los Angeles, California at UCLA USA

Live and study in sunny, seaside Los Angeles, California on the west coast of the USA. Take classes at the diverse and prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for a fun and productive short-term course abroad.