Community Healthcare and Development in Zambia

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Contribute to the hope and health of an under-resourced community in the vibrant cultural and adventure hub of Livingstone, Zambia.

This program combines rewarding volunteer work, abundant adventure opportunities, and cultural immersion for a well-rounded experience. Volunteers live and work in Livingstone, a sizable region that consists of a populous city and expansive outlying communities on the border with Zimbabwe. Nearby Victoria Falls, national parks, and game reserves provide countless adventures, while the welcoming Zambian locals will keep you culturally engaged. Volunteer projects are largely health-focused, combining education, awareness and community engagement, as well as clinic work and home-based care for qualified volunteers.

The project activities are typically divided into morning and afternoon, with mornings focusing on health and afternoons lending themselves to community development, allowing volunteers a wide range of experience and the project a wide reach and sustainable impact.      

Project activities vary according to local demands and volunteers' skills and interests, but typically include the following: 

  • Home-Based Care
  • Health and Nutrition Community Education
  • HIV Awareness and Education
  • Clinical Assistance
  • Geriatric Health and Social Support
  • Construction and Renovation
  • Farming
  • After-School Children's Clubs
  • Adult Literacy Program

In addition to rewarding volunteer work in both healthcare and community development, volunteers also enjoy comfortable accommodations, frequent social and cultural activities in the local communities, and optional sightseeing tours and trips in the area's abundant parks and reserves. Volunteers are supported by staff who look after their daily needs and project work. Accommodations are well-serviced, centrally located, and full of amenities such as a dining area, bar, swimming pool, large garden, and even a rock-climbing wall. You'll have everything you need to provide some great assistance while making the most of your time in Zambia!

Project Details:

Project Activities: Vary based on volunteer experience and local demands; activities are usually health-focused in the mornings and community development-oriented in the afternoon. There is a large emphasis on HIV/AIDS education, as well as other health and well-being concerns. Experienced volunteers may get exposure to clinical and home healthcare. Other common activities include after-school clubs, visits to old people's homes, renovation and beautification labour, gardening, and education/awareness. 

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, approximately 7 hours (not including lunch break)

Project Availability: Year-round, arrival dates every Monday of the month

Location: Livingstone, Zambia

Project Duration: 2 - 12 weeks

Support: Comprehensive, 24/7 on-site support from program coordinator and project leaders, plus CISaustralia 24/7 emergency hotline.

Police check: Yes

Language: English

Minimum Age: 18

A workshop, guest lecture and / or presentation will be conducted by one or more of the following organisations:

  • Wayawaya - a local social enterprise for empowering women 
  • One of the local girl impact mentors - to talk about Zambian culture, working with girls and the issues they face and how the girl impact program is benefiting the community
  • Head sister from Linda/Maramba clinic - to talk about the Zambian medical system, challenges faced, health regulations, medical differences etc. 
  • Head of Lumuuno Training Centre - to talk about the issues women face with further education/finding employment, how the program helps with this and then share some of their success stories
  • Senior social worker from Lubasi Girls homes - a safe house for girls that are victims of sexual violence - to talk about how they work with the community to identify girls, the process that follows once they are in the house and how they then work to empower them
  • A local care giver from Pure Skills - a small NGO that focuses on skills training using recycled and up-cycled materials - to talk about home base care