Welcome Queensland University of Technology Students

CISaustralia is proud to support Queensland University of Technology and their students. CISaustralia and Queensland University of Technology signed a formal partnership agreement in 2015 and ever since have worked closely to send qualified QUT students abroad, on many different programs and to many different locations. This partnership enables students greater access to our overseas programs and ensures they have the best possible experience abroad! We are very proud of our close and long-standing partnership with QUT. We take great pleasure in providing high-quality customer service and in supporting both students and academic staff to develop long-term sustainable programs abroad, which are most importantly for academic credit.

Please scroll down to learn more about the support and program opportunities that CISaustralia offers students and staff at QUT.

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Queensland University of Technology Supported Programs

The following programs are available to QUT students. To check your eligibility for academic credit, please contact the QUT Global office. All students must go through the University’s credit approval process in order to receive academic credit for their program.

If you find another CISaustralia program you are interested in that is not currently on the programs list below, please contact CISaustralia. We will help direct you to the most appropriate person at your University for further advice on getting your January Study, July Study, Language Study, Internship Abroad, Virtual Internship or Volunteer program pre-approved for academic credit.

Click here for further information on available programs.

Please note:
•  July in Florence, Italy – Session 3 (only) as been pre-approved by QUT
•  The following volunteer programs are available to QUT Education students only

Financial Support

OS-HELP Funding

OS-HELP is a generous Australian Government funding initiative and is one of the most progressive funding opportunities in the world for university students! Eligible students can access funds to assist them with paying for some – or all – of their approved overseas program costs.

2023 OS-HELP funding amounts:

  • Up to $7,348 – for studies outside Asia
  • Up to $8,817 – for studies within Asia
  • Up to $9,989 – for studies within Asia + Asian language studies

OS-HELP is administered by your Australian University. If you are interested in taking advantage of this funding opportunity you will need to submit an OS-HELP application directly to your University.

If you have any questions about OS-HELP, please contact your CISaustralia Program Advisor.

CISaustralia Scholarships & Grants

Program participants may be eligible to apply for a CISaustralia scholarship or grant. For more information please take a look at CISaustralia’s Scholarships.

Queensland University of Technology Scholarships & Grants

QUT offers financial support in the form of a bursary. Please contact the QUT Global office or email ISM.ShortTerm@qut.edu.au for more information. Updated information on scholarships, grants and loans will be made available on the QUT website: Financial Support and Costs. Visit the QUT website for OS-HELP eligibility requirements.

University Contact

QUT Global is your main contact for any information regarding international study experiences. It is advised that you complete the QUT application prior to submitting an application with CISaustralia. If you have applied directly to CISaustralia, please contact QUT Global to confirm your eligibility.

Why CISaustralia?

CISaustralia is dedicated to providing university students with innovative, high quality, short-term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences for academic credit, while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth, and developing engaged world citizens.

  • Choose from 70+ programs in 30+ countries around the world
  • Study at top ranking universities abroad
  • 24/7 on-site support in all program locations – Site Directors and Site Coordinators available to assist with airport pick-up, orientation, excursions and more
  • 98% of students receive academic credit towards their Australian University degree
  • Detailed pre-departure and on-the-ground program and destination counselling
  • Accommodation included in all program locations
  • Improve your employability and build your resume and core skills whilst abroad
  • Immersive cultural experiences – explore historical and inspiring cities and sights, meet people from all over the world, learn a new language, step out of your comfort zone, take part in unique and exciting adventures, experience what real-life learning is truly all about!

Be guided every step of the way by the highly trained CISaustralia team who are passionate about international education and believe that every person should have the opportunity to study and travel overseas – there is so much to learn and experience in this world of ours – and CISaustralia wants to help you!

Whether you want to go overseas for new experiences, or whether you want to do it to further yourself academically and professionally, with a CISaustralia experience you’re going to benefit in ways that are immeasurable!

For Queensland University of Technology Academic Staff

Customised Programs

In addition to offering students a variety of short-term study, intern and volunteer programs abroad, CISaustralia also specialises in the design, development and implementation of Customised Programs. This includes study tours, volunteering (experiential service learning), internships, virtual, language programs or a combination – in almost any destination around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

CISaustralia has been supporting Customised Programs since 2013, with staff in over 40 global locations. Academic staff interested in a Customised Program can get started by completing this brief enquiry form. Once you are ready to build your program,  fill out our questionnaire for an On-Site Program or Virtual Program.

Contact Becca Hancock – Manager, Customised Programs
E: becca@cisaustralia.com.au
T: 07 5571 7887

Academic staff are also encouraged to contact the University’s International or Global Mobility Office for further information.


This program was so worth it. The class was made really interesting by my amazing tutor. I would recommend this program to anyone! London is such a beautiful place to go and it’s so easy to travel all around Europe from here. Being in another culture across the world was an incredible experience. I loved every moment.

January in London, England

[The best part was] definitely having the ability to live out of home for the first time and experience another culture. Even though it was just over the ocean, New Zealand is so rich in culture and it was amazing to live within a place of such nature and history! I also loved all the support I had from CISaustralia and the university staff at all times.

January in Dunedin, New Zealand

Totally immerse yourself in the community, culture and in the joy of serving people. In return you will be welcomed, loved and want to go back (or stay forever). The experience, teaching in the schools, understanding more about the education system and the culture in the Philippines [were the best parts]. The students were a pleasure to teach and so respectful. The staff were accommodating and helpful. Best three weeks ever!

Community Development in the Philippines

Really enjoyed my experience. The people I met and the connections I made were the best part of the trip. Having the support of CISaustralia as I studied at Westminster was highly valued. I am very grateful I felt I was looked after and supported whilst on the trip. I felt [a part of a] group that also did exciting events and trips. The support before and after was also very much appreciated, I knew I hadn’t forgotten anything in the process.

July in London, England

I don’t think I’ve ever done so much in 17 days in my life! We visited 6 cities in 4 countries, saw some of the most famous sites in the world, learnt so much, met amazing people and got to experience European culture first hand. Visiting the Colosseum, the Eiffel tower, the canals of Amsterdam, the Lourve, the Prague Castle, the Trevi fountain and the Van Gogh Museum was incredible but some of my favourite experiences were visiting little cafes and having authentic food from each country, going to museums I didn’t even know existed and especially seeing snow fall for the first time. I would do it again in an instant!

January in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Czech Republic

Don’t think, just do! These kinds of opportunities won’t always present themselves. Not only do you gain course credit, but the memories you will make, the experiences you will enjoy and the people you meet are irreplaceable! It’s a typical cliche, but the absolute truth! You will thank your future self for taking the plunge by going on this trip, and wonder why you ever had any doubts in the first place… An unforgettable experience that provided incredible teaching and personal experiences. I cannot speak highly enough of this opportunity, and will encourage as many students to participate in such a program.

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

The experience of meeting new people from other countries changed me as a person. I feel much more adventurous and independent having stayed in another country for a month. The everyday university experience was also very enjoyable. I think CISaustralia has given me the opportunity to participate in a program which I believe changed my life. I appreciate the help from the CISaustralia staff for enabling me to go and study abroad.

July in San Jose, Costa Rica

I had a really fantastic time and would definitely consider going again. Such an amazing experience and so many great memories! Such a good way to get credit for a whole subject in a really short amount of time, while experiencing another culture and basically having a holiday. Worth it!

July in Florence, Italy

In all honesty, [the best part was] the whole experience – I loved the classes that I did and being able to experience the American college experience first-hand was priceless. You grow so much over the six weeks and it is an experience that will stay with you long after you go home. UCLA is an outstanding institution and I have absolutely no regrets about participating in this program. CISaustralia were so helpful and supportive every step of the way!

July in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA

Go for it. You may only get this opportunity once in a lifetime. It is a fun and interactive program that grants students the opportunity to discover new places and make friends from different areas of the globe. The possibilities and benefits are endless.

January in London, England

My favorite thing was being able to experience a new culture and make new friends. I know it may seem scary to take the leap to study abroad! But it is so much fun and so worth it. Once you get there, you realise how easy it all is.

January in Florence, Italy

I loved the classes – it’s given me a lot of clarity about what I want to do for my future career. I also loved making new friends. The people were fantastic. It’s surprisingly easy to get around not knowing the language, however you will have a much more valuable and immersive experience if you try to live like a local – try restaurants outside of the touristy areas, practice the language, try new foods, make the most of each day!

January in Florence, Italy

Apply, it will be the best experience of your life and one you’ll never forget! This program was well organised, the accommodation was excellent, the university was wonderful, and it was truly the experience of a lifetime.

January in London, England

The kids [were the best part of the program]. [They] taught me so much. Everyday they made me smile, reminded me of what happiness is. The culture taught me what kindness is and how freely it should be given and shared. I have always wanted to support a sponsor, but have never known where the money goes and how the system works. To have the opportunity to be on the ground and experience exactly this, the most exciting thing is to know I still have a connection with the community and especially one young girl.

Community Development in the Philippines

Don’t hesitate just do it! It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made, you’ll make friends for life and learn aspects about yourself you didn’t know you had. [The best part was] meeting amazing people from around the world and being able to explore London properly almost as a local. Go to all the parks, watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, catch the Thameslink to Brighton for the day, see a show and visit Harrods!

July in London, England

I really enjoyed the American college lifestyle and the connections/relationships I made. Make friends with locals, you get to see a different side of the country and have unique experiences. Create friendships and then you will laugh about the challenges after. Become a yes person. Don’t travel for the Instagram photo, travel to experience, enjoy and to connect.

January in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA Extension

Don’t hesitate, this is such a rare opportunity and when else in your life will you get the time to do it?

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

Just do it! It’s an experience that will change your life. Forming relationships with the school children and staff [was the best part].

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

Take a chance and live your best life. The best part of the program was getting to experience a true Cambodian culture through teaching and just one on one experiences with teachers and students. It’s an amazing experience that you would NEVER experience anywhere else. Cambodia has such a recent devastating history that you can’t just ignore and teach without knowing. Experience of a lifetime, have fun while over there and do everything you possibly can.

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

Do it! The experience will change your life! You will be touched by the locals and their lives, and you will make some incredible new friends! For me, I loved getting to know the country and the local people beyond the aspects of a tourist trip. Living locally, and speaking with many different people, I began to develop a real connection and bond with the locals and their environment. It has honestly been life changing.

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

A truly life-changing, perspective altering, incredibly humbling experience that I would absolutely participate in again if given the chance. [The students’] enthusiasm for learning is second to none with relation to anything I have ever seen, and encouraged me to be the best teacher I could possibly be. You will not regret participating in this program. It will change your life, both professionally and personally, and open your eyes to a completely different way of life.

Teaching and Community Development in Cambodia

Go for it! It was the most amazing experience of my life. I met so many lovely people, learnt so much and experienced incredible self-growth. If you take this opportunity, you won’t regret it. Getting to meet people that I would have never been able to previously meet, attending interesting classes and travelling with new friends [was the best part].

July in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA