Welcome Curtin University Students

CISaustralia has worked closely with Curtin University since 2014 to send students abroad. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Curtin and are dedicated to ensuring you have access to the best possible opportunities and experiences overseas! We take great pleasure in providing high-quality customer service and supporting both students and academic staff to develop long-term sustainable programs abroad.

Please scroll down to learn more about the support and program opportunities that CISaustralia offers students and staff at Curtin University.

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Pre-Approved Programs for Curtin University Students

The following programs have been pre-approved for academic credit by Curtin University. To check your eligibility for academic credit, please contact the Curtin Abroad office, your Faculty Advisor or Course Convenor. CISaustralia strongly recommends that you have any overseas courses pre-approved for academic credit before you depart for your program. Documentation that may be useful are the course name, course code, course description and syllabus (all available from the CISaustralia website). Contact a CISaustralia Advisor if any questions.

If you find another CISaustralia program you are interested in that is not currently on the pre-approved programs list below, please contact CISaustralia. We will help direct you to the most appropriate person at your University for further advice on getting your January Study, July Study, Language Study, Internship Abroad, Virtual Internship or Volunteer program pre-approved for academic credit.

Please note: The following volunteer programs have been pre-approved for Faculty of Health Sciences students only.

Financial Support

OS-HELP Funding

OS-HELP is a generous Australian Government funding initiative and is one of the most progressive funding opportunities in the world for university students! Eligible students can access funds to assist them with paying for some – or all – of their approved overseas program costs.

2023 OS-HELP funding amounts:

  • Up to $7,348 – for studies outside Asia
  • Up to $8,817 – for studies within Asia
  • Up to $9,989 – for studies within Asia + Asian language studies

OS-HELP is administered by your Australian University. If you are interested in taking advantage of this funding opportunity you will need to submit an OS-HELP application directly to your University.

If you have any questions about OS-HELP, please contact your CISaustralia Program Advisor.

CISaustralia Scholarships & Grants

Program participants may be eligible to apply for a CISaustralia scholarship or grant. For more information please take a look at CISaustralia’s Scholarships.

University Contact

Curtin Abroad is a good source of information for credit approval, funding and general overseas study advice. Curtin University will provide students with free travel insurance for the duration of your program when you register your travel with Curtin Abroad. Upon acceptance into your CISaustralia program, we recommend you make time to visit or contact the Curtin Abroad office to discuss your mobility plans. During certain key points in your enrolment process, CISaustralia will connect you with appropriate staff at Curtin.

Contact CISaustralia and we can help direct you to the right Curtin support staff.

Why CISaustralia?

CISaustralia is dedicated to providing university students with innovative, high quality, short-term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences for academic credit, while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth, and developing engaged world citizens.

  • Choose from 70+ programs in 30+ countries around the world
  • Study at top ranking universities abroad
  • 24/7 on-site support in all program locations – Site Directors and Site Coordinators available to assist with airport pick-up, orientation, excursions and more
  • 98% of students receive academic credit towards their Australian University degree
  • Detailed pre-departure and on-the-ground program and destination counselling
  • Accommodation included in all program locations
  • Improve your employability and build your resume and core skills whilst abroad
  • Immersive cultural experiences – explore historical and inspiring cities and sights, meet people from all over the world, learn a new language, step out of your comfort zone, take part in unique and exciting adventures, experience what real-life learning is truly all about!

Be guided every step of the way by the highly trained CISaustralia team who are passionate about international education and believe that every person should have the opportunity to study and travel overseas – there is so much to learn and experience in this world of ours – and CISaustralia wants to help you!

Whether you want to go overseas for new experiences, or whether you want to do it to further yourself academically and professionally, with a CISaustralia experience you’re going to benefit in ways that are immeasurable!

For Curtin University Academic Staff

Customised Programs

In addition to offering students a variety of short-term study, intern and volunteer programs abroad, CISaustralia also specialises in the design, development and implementation of Customised Programs. This includes study tours, volunteering (experiential service learning), internships, virtual, language programs or a combination – in almost any destination around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

CISaustralia has been supporting Customised Programs since 2013, with staff in over 40 global locations. Academic staff interested in a Customised Program can get started by completing this brief enquiry form. Once you are ready to build your program,  fill out our questionnaire for an On-Site Program or Virtual Program.

Contact Becca Hancock – Manager, Customised Programs
E: becca@cisaustralia.com.au
T: 07 5571 7887

Academic staff are also encouraged to contact the University’s International or Global Mobility Office for further information.


I enjoyed the program so much. Meeting lots of amazing people and being able to experience the Scottish culture [was the best part]. [The program] offered lots of social events and excursions that were lots of fun and gave me opportunity to experience the cities of Scotland. [On-site staff] were very supportive and did their best to help everyone on their program. [The Site Director] also offered lots of advise on what activities were on and was willing to help at any opportunity. I met some amazing people and had the time of my life.

July in Stirling, Scotland

Excellent. I learnt new cultures. I met new friends from different parts of the world. I learnt a lot from the women there on how they [are] surviving their life.

Rural Community Development in Nepal

Go for it, the American culture is an easy fit for Aussies. The tutors are super engaging and LA is just a beautiful place to be. Loved every single minute of it. [The best part was] the excellent learning environment where I was challenged and found my passion for education reignited. I adored the independence offered and the ability to see the beautiful city of Los Angeles whilst studying.

January in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA Extension

What an amazing opportunity this was! To be able to put what I have learnt into good use. I have also met so many amazing life-long friends who I may have never met before this. All the business visits were amazing! What an experience it was to be able to see how all these businesses run! Being able to work with groups to combine our knowledge from university to find solutions for real life problems that are being experienced by real people [was the best part].

Industry Immersion Program – New York City, USA

If you are a hard worker and are looking to gain practical experience, then this program is for you! The projects that we got to work on were interesting and challenging. The entire experience (i.e. project work, business visits and excursions) was absolutely fantastic. A life-changing experience!

Industry Immersion Program – New York City, USA

Overall the program was very insightful, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I met some amazing people on the program who are now my good friends, made a lot of industry connections and visited some amazing places in New York. The individuals from CISaustralia who I was in contact with were all extremely helpful and welcoming. [The best part of the program was] working with/visiting multiple businesses, and gaining knowledge on the various forms of marketing from multiple businesses.

Industry Immersion Program – New York City, USA

The best part about the program abroad was meeting and making new life friends across the globe. MUST do’s are Griffith Observatory and to make sure to eat a lot of different food in LA, it’s amazing. Just go for it, even if you are afraid to be away from family or have doubts. You will not regret it and it is an experience of a lifetime.

July in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA

Go into it open minded and don’t be afraid to go by yourself because that’s the best way to make new friends and explore the cities in a way you can’t with friends and family.

July in Barcelona, Berlin and London