Virtual Internship in Spain

Gain practical, professional experience with a project-based virtual internship while working in a cross-cultural team from Spain. Placements are available in Business, Design, Education, Event Planning, IT, Journalism, Social Work and more!

Program Overview

Our Virtual Internship in Spain program is perfect for students who want to gain professional experience in their chosen field, work with an intercultural team at an international company, connect with Spanish culture and who are looking for a lower cost (and environmentally friendly!) program option. With the use of modern technology, virtual internships allow students and graduates to work remotely while gaining practical skills, industry connections and business experience without leaving home.

With virtual tours, Spanish recipes, opportunity for language exchange, live group chats, and livestream concerts and events included in the program, you will get to understand Spanish culture after just a few weeks!

Your virtual internship will be primarily project-based, with either one larger project over the course of the internship or several smaller ongoing assignments. Regardless of how many you undertake, each project will be substantive, add value to the company and be well supervised so that you can be sure you are contributing to the business in a meaningful way while also learning new concepts and ideas.

We are committed to finding each virtual intern a professional placement that matches your career ambitions and goals to make sure your resulting resume stands out.

View the Virtual Internship Guidelines


Our virtual internships in Spain have many perks and benefits:

  • Build your resume with experience at an international company.
  • Develop your skills working with a cross-cultural team from Spain and around the world while learning ways to do business in a different cultural setting.
  • Gain professional, practical experience in a project-based placement in your chosen field. Our internship placements are customised, diverse and cater for a range of interests.
  • Enjoy flexibility with your working hours to suit your schedule.
  • Have independence and autonomy balanced with ongoing support from a dedicated supervisor.
  • Enhance and develop your communication skills, as well as time management, problem solving, creative and digital skills.
  • Receive a cultural agenda with links to find a language exchange partner.
  • Complete your virtual placement from any location in the world, allowing for flexible hours and a lower cost option by saving on flights, visa fees, insurance and accommodation.

Sample Itinerary

The specific schedule for each intern and placement will vary. Below is an example of what to expect:

  • Day 1 (Monday): Placement begins. Meet with staff and supervisor to set out expectations and tasks for your project(s).
  • Ongoing: Work will primarily be done independently (approximately 20 hours per week), with ongoing support and check-in meetings with your supervisor. Virtual interns may be included in company and staff meetings (where applicable) to observe, listen and learn.
  • Upon completion: Exit interview and evaluation.


Virtual internship placements are professional, well organised and students accepted in the program should be highly focused and ready to act in an equally professional business manner. Each intern will have a direct company supervisor who will be middle management or higher and act as a coach and mentor. They will speak English and provide ongoing feedback, direction, insight into the company and their role, and support the overall virtual experience.

Virtual internship placements are available in the following fields:

  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Planning
  • Finance & Economics
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Resources & PR
  • IT
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • NGO – Social Work
  • Translation

If there is interest outside of these areas, please contact us and our Program Advisors will help you find an internship that meets your needs. Our custom placements are designed to fulfil your professional and academic goals and our team works hard to match you with your preferred customised internship placement.

Virtual internships are project-based. While each internship is unique, here are some examples of tasks that may apply:

  • Business Development – Help the company to make decisions based on data, research and analysis. Develop methods to increase the value of current customers while attracting new ones.
  • Research Projects – Carry out research projects within the industry of the company, identifying key players and searching for new sales opportunities.
  • Operations – Understand the daily tasks of a company and focus on improving the processes in place to maximise efficiency.
  • Administration – Create spreadsheets, prepare presentations, arrange meetings and manage databases.
  • Content Creation – Improve your communication skills while updating websites, blogging, writing articles, or working on visual content through photography, photo editing, videography, graphic design, etc.
  • Social Media – Create Social Media calendars, edit and post content on different platforms, engage the community and find new leads and influencers.
  • Finance – Research on funds and investors, creation of financial plans and practices for startups
  • Competitor Analysis – Research competitors from the industry or in other regions to determine if your company is performing at the level of the competition, staying on the cutting edge of new product development, and determine the competition’s capabilities and positioning.

Job Board

Check out some of the current position openings on the Virtual Internship Job Board.

If you don’t see a position that matches your interests and goals, submit an enquiry and our highly qualified Program Advisors will help customise an internship for you that meets your professional and personal ambitions.


This is the best of both worlds! While you aren’t physically going to Spain, this program allows you to get a career-based experience in your chosen field to boost your professional development, plus get introduced to the culture from the comfort of your home.

All companies that host a virtual intern on this program are based in Barcelona. Barcelona is a vibrant business and cultural hub in areas of commerce, politics and business, plus a wide range of other industries. When partnered with a Spanish business or organisation, you will participate in the daily activities of that business, working on specific projects and tasks designed to give you invaluable experience in your area of interest while working on a cross-cultural team.

Program Fee & Dates

February-March 2021 (6 Weeks)
Placements may also be available for 8 and 12 weeks (same start date) at an additional fee. Please contact CISaustralia for details.
Application Deadline01 December 2020
Arrival Date08 February 2021
Departure Date19 March 2021
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 1,999
June-July 2021 (6 Weeks)
Placements may also be available for 8 weeks (same start date) at an additional fee. Please contact CISaustralia for details.
Application Deadline01 April 2021
Arrival Date07 June 2021
Departure Date16 July 2021
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 1,999
September-October 2021 (6 Weeks)
Placements may also be available for 8 and 12 weeks (same start date) at an additional fee. Please contact CISaustralia for details.
Application Deadline01 August 2021
Arrival Date07 September 2021
Departure Date15 October 2021
Application FeeA$ 95
Program Fee A$ 1,999


Program fees include the following:
  • Internship placement and supervision
  • CISaustralia support services before, during and after the program
  • Preparation guide and session
  • Orientation
  • Cultural inclusions – resources to get to know Barcelona’s local culture, virtual tours, Spanish recipes, livestream concerts or events, tips to understand Spanish culture, group chats
  • Resume Building Toolkit (Online Student Guide)
  • CISaustralia Certificate of Participation (available on request)
  • Final evaluation provided by your supervisor
  • 10% GST

What is not included:

  • Program application fee

Note: Interns must have access to a personal computer and a reliable internet connection. Must be available to be online during Spain working hours for bi-weekly (twice per week) check-ins with your supervisor (between 9am-6pm local time in Spain).

Please note that no internship placement is ever guaranteed, even after acceptance into the program. CISaustralia is in constant communication with each candidate providing ongoing updates on final placement confirmation and associated organisational opportunities.

CISaustralia reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partners.

Note: 10% GST is applicable on all virtual internship placements.

Adventure Awaits

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