Semester in Barcelona, Spain

Imagine this… Warm summer days spent exploring an exotic new city, followed by evenings brimming with flamboyant Spanish music, dancing, refreshing sangria and casually strolling from tapas bar to tapas bar. This could be you immersing yourself in the very best of Barcelona’s colourful culture!

Program Overview

Barcelona is a bustling seaside city in the Mediterranean country of Spain. This city is an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional culture, celebrated architecture, and a world-class wining and dining scene. Picture yourself studying a semester abroad in Barcelena and enjoying…

The spanish way of life – It’s been said that the Spaniards have their own way of life and when you visit Barcelona you quickly understand this! Afternoon siestas, late evenings consisting of tapas bar hopping and dancing to Flamboyant street performers ensure life in Barcelona is full of fun!

The culture capital of the Mediterranean – Barcelona is home to more World Heritage sites than any other European city. Here, you will be exposed to more than 2,000 years of architectural wonders and transformations including the works of Antoni Gaudi and Picasso. Don’t forget the famous café culture, tapas restaurants and nightlife either – they’re famous for a reason!

Social events & weekend trips – As part of the program, our on-site team organise a range of events to ensure you’re exposed to the authentic Spanish way of life. Activities may include: A flamenco show, spanish cinema, Catalan cooking classes, and possible weekend trips to Granada, Madrid, and Costa Brava. You will be living life to it’s fullest during your Semester in Barcelona.

Classes taught in English and Spanish – while most classes are taught in English, we encourage students to take an intensive Spanish-language class. The language classes are offered for speakers of all levels and are tailored to meet your needs – let us help you learn Spanish!


They say that those who truly immerse themselves in another country’s way of life gain the most from their stay. During your Semester in Barcelona we guarantee you will be able to say the same. A few of the highlights of the CISaustralia program are:

  • Hands-on university orientation
  • Guided tours of the city
  • A range of humanities, business and Spanish classes to suit your major and interests
  • Classes taught in English and Spanish – Spanish classes are tailored to your level of Spanish
  • Optional 3 day trip to Morocco*
  • On the ground support staff and emergency assistance
  • Organised accomodation in either a shared apartment or homestay

* This trip requires minimum numbers. Contact CISaustralia to confirm availability.

Choose Your Course

The innovative, unique curriculum offered on the Semester in Barcelona includes coursework in language, business, and the humanities. The courses focus on Barcelona, Spain, and the Mediterranean regions and are taught in English and Spanish.

Academic Requirement: To qualify students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 4.5 (out of 7) or equivalent. If your current GPA falls below the requirement please contact us to discuss your options. We will do what we can to find the right program for you.

How to choose your courses
This is the fun part. Once we have received your application we will send you a CISaustralia Course Selection Worksheet. The instructions provided will assist you through the steps involved in selecting your courses.

Course load: Full time equivalent. Approx. 4 classes per semester.

Academic Credit and Course approval: Before you leave Australia for your semester abroad, we encourage students to choose at least 7 – 8 courses from your overseas institution and have them approved by your home university (in Australia). This will allow some flexibility in your class schedule. On arrival overseas you may find some of your classes have filled; therefore it is important to have a number of classes approved as back up.

If you are interested in gaining academic credit for the courses you study overseas, towards your degree in Australia, you should apply to your home university prior to your departure – but only after acceptance into the program by CISaustralia.Most Universities in Australia will have specific procedures and associated documentation in relation to the approval of academic credit – CISaustralia can assist you in this process. Each University process can be slightly different (and vary between degree programs), this procedure could involve the Universities International Office, your Academic Advisor / Course Convenor and / or Faculty Head of Department. We pride ourselves on having good relationships with the Universities in Australia and guiding our students though this process.

Ultimately, your home University in Australia will be responsible for approving all academic credit for the courses you study overseas. CISaustralia will provide access to detailed course descriptions and / or course syllabus from your overseas University, that will allow your home University (in Australia) to make an accurate assessment of your chosen courses for credit purposes.

Detailed instructions on applying for academic credit and associated procedures will be provided by CISaustralia after you have been accepted into the program and you receive your acceptance package. This will include a telephone interview by our trained counsellors. CISaustralia will always be available to assist with any questions you have regarding academic credit – by phone and email.

A semester overseas is also the ideal opportunity to take some interesting electives if your program allows.

Course descriptions and catalogue: Please contact CISaustralia to receive a list of available courses on offer.

Spanish language courses (click for syllabi)

Elementary Spanish A1

Upper Elementary Spanish A2

Intermediate Spanish B1

Upper Intermediate Spanish B2

Advanced Spanish C1

Advanced Spanish C2

Intensive Elementary Spanish Language and Culture (Level A1-A2)

Intensive Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture (Level B1-B2)


Elective courses taught in English (click for syllabi).

1. Great 20th Century Artists: Picasso, Dalí, Miró

2. Spanish Civilization and Culture

3. Sports and Society in Spain and Catalonia

4. Cross-Cultural Psychology and Early Childhood Education

5. Management and Ethics


Elective courses taught in Spanish

1. Civilización y Cultura españolas

2. Arquitectura y Diseño Urbano: El Ejemplo de Barcelona


Please note: It is important to submit your course selection worksheet (provided to you by CISaustralia upon acceptance) as early as possible, as courses tend to fill up very quickly at Barcelona School for International Studies and your first choices may not be available if you delay too long. Please plan ahead to get your course choices approved at your home university so you can have them ready to submit after you are accepted to the program.


As part of your Semester in Barcelona at the Barcelona School for International Studies, an extensive orientation of the institution and city is provided. You can also choose to participate in weekend trips around Barcelona, and within Spain including Granada, Madrid and the Zaragoza. Additionally, you can take day trips to Tarragona and Girona, where you can visit the incredible Dali Museum. You will also be able to participate in an optional excursion to Morocco for an additional cost (subject to minimum numbers).

At CISaustralia, we want you to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish way of life so we provide many opportunities for you to participate in a range of activities and excursions.


Barcelona is located in the Catalonian region of Spain and is the country’s second-largest city. It has two official languages – Castilian Spanish and Catalan. Throughout your semester, you can practice your Spanish skills and even try to pick up a bit of the Catalan language and culture!

Barcelona’s prime location on the Mediterranean sea creates a pleasant climate not too different from Australia, and thus safeguards year-round entertainment for those who visit this dynamic city!

Approximately five million people live in Barcelona and outlying areas.

The University

During your Semester in Barcelona, you will be studying at the Barcelona School for International Studies which is located along the picturesque Mediterranean Sea Coast. Even for Australians, this beach lifestyle is a complete change of scenery. The campus facilities include spacious classrooms complete with multimedia equipment.

All courses are taught by highly qualified professors who come to you from Spain and across the globe. The professors are trained to account for the diverse international student population while still maintaining a Spanish teaching style. After all, you’re there to immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish lifestyle!

Upon arrival in Barcelona, you will be picked up at the airport by a CISaustralia staff representative and taken to your new accomodation. Throughout your study abroad experience, our on-site teams will be with you every step of the way ensuring you’re comfortable, safe and experiencing the very best of Barcelona.

Students quickly discover that Barcelona is a happening place! Whether it’s bike riding throughout the city, exploring museums, galleries, parks and the famous architectural monuments, or wandering through cobblestone alley-ways tasting tapas after tapas, you won’t be bored.

Don’t forget, our CISaustralia on-site staff will take you to the Spanish cinema, a flamenco show, and the museums and markets. They can also help you arrange a language exchange partner, or a Catalan cooking class. As soon as you arrive, you will be meeting new people and making new friends from around the world.

Our CISaustralia site director and staff will be there to lend you a helping hand every step of the way.


During your stay in Barcelona, you can choose to live in either a shared apartment or in a homestay.

Located only 25 minutes from the heart of Barcelona, the apartments are fully furnished and have access to a shared living room, a well-equipped kitchen and bathrooms. Each apartment has a total of 3-6 students, and you will share a room with one other student. All apartments are conveniently located close to public transport, shops cafes, bars, restaurants and museums. Everything Barcelona has to offer is only a stonesthrow away!

If you’re inclined to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, a homestay is ideal for you. You’ll likely share a room with one other student in a house with either a Spanish family, older person, or young professional. You will have access to a shared bathroom and living area. Laundry service, breakfast, and dinner are also provided.

Program Fee & Dates

Semester program - Session 1
Application Deadline15 September 2018
Arrival Date31 January 2019
Departure Date15 May 2019
Program Fee A$ 18,950 - 20,250
OS-HELP A$ 6,791
Semester program - Session 2
Application Deadline15 June 2019
Arrival Date15 September 2019
Departure Date01 December 2019
Program Fee A$ 18,950 - 20,250
OS-HELP A$ 6,791


Program fees include the following:
  • Airport pick-up
  • Barcelona School for International Studies orientation
  • Shared Accommodation
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • On-site support
  • Pre-departure orientation materials
  • Full-time tuition and fees
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • Academic advising
  • Financial advice
  • CISaustralia support services before, during and after the program
  • Optional Local excursions
  • Official Jacksonville University transcript*

*Jacksonville University will provide an official transcript as the School of Record (SOR). SOR: A U.S. accredited institution of higher education that officially documents and awards credits for programs or institutions that are not accredited in the U.S., verifying appropriately all elements necessary for such official documentation.

Please note that you also need to budget for flights, meals and personal travel expense. We can provide a realistic sample of expected additional expenses so you can be fully prepared for all expected costs and budget accordingly.

CISaustralia reserves the right to alter fees and inclusions at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or changes made by our partner institutions.

Dates are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

Adventure Awaits

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