Semester in Bangkok, Thailand

Live in Salaya, a warm and friendly city with easy access to Bangkok. You will take classes with Thai and international students, study in English, and have plenty of time to ride elephants, explore ancient ruins, idyllic coast lines, crystal waters and venture into amazing jungles.

Program Overview

Our Semester in Bangkok, Thailand program allows students to undertake a semester abroad and continue their degree program in English while being immersed in a new culture.

You will live and study in Salaya, an easy 30 to 40 minute commute to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Is a semester in Thailand for you? – Start getting excited about:

The friendliness of the Thai people – Known as the “Land of Smiles” for a reason, Thailand is home to some of the world’s warmest, welcoming and incredibly open-minded people.

Cultural immersion with courses taught in English – If you’re after a study experience that is a little different and still with strong academics, you’ve come to the right place. Our Semester in Bangkok, Thailand program offers courses in everything from animation production, international business, tourism and travel, management and humanities and social science – with courses taught in English!

Life not far from a contemporary, cosmopolitan city – Bangkok is geographically one of the largest cities in the world. The city is famous for its delicious cuisine, inexpensive shopping, and colourful nightlife. During your Semester in Bangkok, you will live in Salaya, an easy 40 minute commute (approx. AUD$6 taxi ride one way) from the heart of central Bangkok.

A perfect base to destinations in Southeast Asia and beyond – Bangkok is the perfect travel hub to explore South East Asia. When you find yourself with free time, you will no doubt want to explore a little – and you will be well placed to do this, conveniently and cost effectively.

A dynamic social scene with cultural activities galore – The university has many student interest groups and numerous social and cultural activities. Dances, concerts, plays, and movies take place frequently throughout the semester. Get involved and you are sure to make friends from all over the world.

Trimester options available! – While this program awards a full semester of credit, it’s also friendly for trimester academic calendars.

World-famous beaches – Thailand is renowned for its white-sand beaches, with that sand that literally squeaks under your feet – you can imagine it now.

An amazing tropical climate – Bangkok and Salaya have a tropical monsoon climate – warm and humid.


Semester in Bangkok, Thailand gives you access to limitless opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture, make international friends and networks, and explore beaches, jungles, and iconic sites throughout the country.

Here are a few of the key highlights that will make your Semester in Bangkok, Thailand program unique;

  • Study abroad in Salaya, just outside of Bangkok, at one of the most well regarded universities in Asia
  • Take classes with Thai and international students
  • Experience festivals and celebrations such as Songkran, a nationwide week long water celebration in April!
  • An abundance of white-sandy beaches and clear, warm tropical water
  • Opportunities to ride elephants, venture into the jungle, take on white water rafting, kayaking and explore ancient ruins
  • Live a stone’s throw from a cosmopolitan city with incredible food, shopping and nightlife
  • A perfect hub for travel destinations in Southeast Asia
  • Incredible accommodation
  • Enjoy concerts, plays and movies that are held in various venues around campus, including the recreation centre in the Student Union complex
  • Experience one of the hottest tourist destinations – as your home for a semester!

Choose Your Course

Semester in Bangkok, Thailand is hosted at Mahidol University in Salaya, recently ranked as the number-one university in Thailand. The majority of your classes will be held with Thai students, giving you an amazing opportunity to meet the locals and learn Thai culture.

Courses are available in Business Administration, Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Language, Science and Travel Management.

Academic Requirement: To qualify students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 4.5 (out of 7) or equivalent. If your current GPA falls below the requirement please contact us to discuss your situation. We will do what we can to find the right program for you.

How to choose your courses
This is the fun part. Once we have received your application we will send you a CISaustralia Course Selection Worksheet. The instructions provided will assist you through the steps involved in selecting your courses.

Course load: 3–5 courses (full time load equivalent)

Course approval: Before you spend a semester overseas we encourage all students to have at least 7 – 8 courses approved from their home university. This will allow some flexibility in the class schedule. Think about courses required for your major and also that a semester overseas is an opportunity to take some interesting electives if your program allows.

Course descriptions and catalogue:
Semester in Bangkok, Thailand students are able to choose from any course at Mahidol University International College (MUIC), as long as the appropriate prerequisites are met.

Visit the link below to view MUIC’s academics page, here you can choose from a range of courses under various bachelor degree programs.

Click here for Spring 2018 Semester in Thailand courses.

**Please note: Students cannot enrol in Nursing Science Program courses, research project classes or internships.


Included in your program fees are a number of excursions arranged by your CISaustralia Site Director.

Excursions change from semester to semester, but typically include:

  • CISaustralia orientation
  • Bangkok city tour
  • An overnight trip to Chiang Mai
  • Floating Market
  • A sustainable tourism visit
  • An overnight trip in Koh Chang
  • Ayutthaya day trip
  • Elephant sanctuary visit
  • Farewell dinner


Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, was formerly known as Siam. The population of Thailand comprises of roughly 65 million people, the majority of whom are ethnically Thai and 95% are Buddhist.

The capital Bangkok has a population of approx. 7 million, although this number varies seasonally and is difficult to accurately estimate. With the surrounding areas, Bangkok has a much larger population.

Thailand features Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage. Thailand features a modern capital city, an idyllic countryside, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand’s “land of smiles” reputation.

The Semester in Bangkok, Thailand program is based just outside of Bangkok – a city that has gained an international reputation as an independent, dynamic city synonymous with the exotic.

The city’s wealth of attractions, cultural landmarks, and entertainment venues see close to 11 million foreign visitors each year.

For transportation, Bangkok offers buses, trains, a skytrain, vans, taxis, tuk-tuks (a 3-wheeled cart with a motorcycle front end), motorcycle taxis, river ferries, and a subway system which allows you to travel easily throughout the city and surrounding areas. You’ll live in Salaya, with easy access to Bangkok by bus, private van (‘rot dtoo’), train or taxi!

Whether you are exploring the cuisine, the tropical beaches on the coast, or the bustling markets, Thailand will be an unforgettable study abroad experience!

The University

Semester in Bangkok, Thailand takes place at Mahidol University. Opened in 1888 as the country’s first medical school it has since evolved into one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand with more than 28,000 students (18,000 undergraduate) based across six campuses.

Mahidol University hosts around 700 international students from 50 countries around the world. Program courses are taught in English.

A wide range of academic programs are available in three core areas: Science and Technology, Social Science and Humanities, and Health Science. With course offerings to satisfy an undergraduate population of approximately 18,000 students, you should find it easy to select courses that match your major, focus, or cultural interest.

If you love your sport you will be happy to know that you will have free access to various sporting facilities including an indoor stadium, four outdoor tennis courts, three soccer fields, a volleyball court, and a running track. You will also be able to arrange a membership to use one of the Universities five swimming pools, the fitness centre, weight equipment, sauna and aerobics facilities.

Mahidol University campus also offers several stores, weekly markets, affordable eateries and restaurants, a beauty salon, comic book store, and copying services.

During your semester abroad you will experience a unique Thai combination of frenetic city energy and tranquil Buddhist spirituality.

The University academics, the rich landscape of Thailand, and the cultural beauty of the Thai people create the perfect equation for an unforgettable experience!

Semester in Bangkok, Thailand will develop your global perspective through a blend of academic coursework, field studies, and excursions to cultural sites. The most successful students are open-minded and excited about experiencing a new culture and lifestyle.


During your Semester in Bangkok, Thailand program you will live in international housing apartments with other international students.

The Baan Suan and Bundit apartments are self-catered, so students will need to prepare or purchase their own meals. There are no kitchens in the apartments, but there are many very affordable dining options available right outside your accommodation and just a couple of minutes’ walk away. Both locations are about a five-minute drive or approximately 25-minute walk from Mahidol University.

Baan Suan
A family-run business, Baan Suan is a fantastic choice for students looking for a community environment. The staff will ensure that each student is happy and taken care of. Not every apartment is the same and the décor is traditional and classic – all the more to help you immerse in the culture! You can get to campus by walking or taking a taxi, which are available right outside the main gate.

More modern than Baan Suan, Bundit is a large apartment block comprised of multiple high-rise buildings. The apartments at Bundit have many amenities including an exercise gym, convenience store, rooftop terrace, an outdoor pool, and restaurant! You’ll have spacious rooms with a TV and modern furnishings, and a shuttle service to campus is offered every day.

At both apartment residences, you are able to select between a double or single room (single for an additional fee).

Program Fee & Dates

Semester program
Please contact CISaustralia for comprehensive program fees and dates. Semester 1 is from mid-January through mid-May. Semester 2 is from early-September through mid-December.
Program Fee A$ 10,950
OS-HELP A$ 9,234


Program fees include the following:
  • Full-time semester tuition fees
  • Shared accommodation. Additional fee of A$1,000 for private accommodation.
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • CISaustralia support services before and during the program
  • Academic advising
  • Financial advice
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Airport pickup (on designated arrival date)
  • CISaustralia orientation
  • On-site support
  • On-campus Wi-Fi
  • Mahidol University transcript
  • CISaustralia Certificate of Completion

Please note that you also need to budget for flights, meals and personal travel expense. We can provide a realistic sample of expected additional expenses so you can be fully prepared for all expected costs and budget accordingly.

CISaustralia reserves the right to alter fees and inclusions at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or changes made by our affiliates and partner universities.

Dates are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

Adventure Awaits

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