January in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA Extension

Spend six weeks this summer studying at UCLA Extension – in vibrant Los Angeles, USA. Enjoy a beautiful, global campus with state-of-the- art amenities, including multiple gyms, pools, libraries, cafes and restaurants – all surrounded by LA’s most iconic neighbourhoods.

Program Overview

Spend six weeks this summer studying at UCLA Extension – in vibrant Los Angeles (LA), California. Enjoy a beautiful, global campus with state-of-the-art amenities, including multiple gyms, pools, cafes and restaurants – all surrounded by LA’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Escape the heat and wet Australian summer weather for a warm, dry Southern California ‘winter’. UCLA’s aesthetics alone are impressive, with its lush landscaping and remarkable architecture featuring modern amenities. Add to this a vibrant campus, world class athletic facilities and entertainment opportunities and you realise that a summer short course at UCLA Extension is not only academically rewarding but personally fulfilling as well.

UCLA Extension – CISaustralia and UCLA Extension have combined to offer this six-week program for Australian students. UCLA Extension is one of America’s oldest, largest and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers. Also known as the UCLA Division of Continuing Education, UCLA Extension offers a wide variety of professional development courses and programs for people who want to advance their careers, explore new career options, and enrich their personal lives. Most UCLA courses and programs are ‘open-enrolment’ meaning that they are open to residents in the Los Angeles area and individuals in other parts of California and the US. Additionally, UCLA Extension offers a variety of courses and programs for international students and professionals, and, at any given time, there are more than 1,000 international participants enrolled in UCLA Extension programs and courses. All courses and certificate programs offered by UCLA Extension have been developed and are administered in accordance with Extension and UCLA policy and the regulations of the Academic Senate of the University of California.

UCLA Extension is located in Westwood, approximately a 10 minute walk from UCLA campus proper. Classes are typically held in the two main UCLA Extension buildings: Gayley Center and 1010 Westwood Center. On occasion, classes may be conducted on the UCLA campus, but this cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on classroom availability. Detailed maps and information will be provided in a comprehensive pre-departure guide prior to program start.

UCLA Accomplishments – Amongst its many accomplishments and notable alumni, UCLA has 12 Nobel Prizes, 12 Rhodes Scholarships, more National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) titles than any university and more Olympic medals than most nations. A fun fact is that some faculty and alumni helped create the Internet and pioneered reverse osmosis – our lives would not be what we are used to without these people. More than 100 companies have been created based on technology developed at UCLA, and in 2013–2014, UCLA ranked 12th in academics and 8th for reputation in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Summer Program Designed Specifically for CISaustralia and Australian University students – On this six-week January program specifically designed by UCLA Extension for CISaustralia students, participants enjoy all that UCLA Extension and Los Angeles have to offer, while choosing from a range of courses that align with the Australian university summer break. UCLA receives more student applications than any other university in the USA – arguably the world! Students will take classes primarily or exclusively with other Australian CISaustralia university students, but will have the opportunity to meet full-time UCLA students by walking around the beautiful campus. On average, 30% of students enrolled in courses on this program are US or other international students, and the remaining 70% are from CISaustralia. US and international student enrolments vary from class to class and year to year. Class sizes and the proportion of other students in any given class will vary based on demand, class caps, pre-requisites and enrolment per course.

Exceptional Support – CISaustralia prides itself in providing personal, attentive support from initial enquiry all the way through to after you’ve returned. We also offer a full range of support services on the ground, helping you with airport pick up, settling in, excursions, emergencies, issues or concerns around your program, or just if you’re feeling out of place and need someone to chat to. Our on-site staff will organise some excursions and activities to help you meet fellow participants and to experience some of the area’s many impressive sites. If you’re in need of an activity, restaurant suggestion, direction to local sporting events or even a museum location, our on-site staff will be more than eager to share recommendations with you!

Life in Vibrant Los Angeles – Enjoy living and studying in the entertainment capital of the world. LA is a cultural mecca boasting more than 300 museums, over 4 million people and the 15th largest economy in the world. You’ll study in a welcoming environment that appreciates diversity and a global perspective. Home to icons such as Hollywood and Rodeo Drive, and with Disneyland nearby, Los Angeles offers both a wide range of must-visit tourist destinations and plenty to keep you engaged when you venture off the beaten track.


Some highlights of this program include:

  • Amazing university in a beautiful and inspiring setting
  • Six weeks living and experiencing all that LA has to offer. There is so much to see and do! Consider a weekend trip to Disneyland, visit Universal Studios, go for a walk down Santa Monica Boulevard, or catch an LA Lakers basketball or LA Kings ice hockey game
  • Earn credit for two academic courses in business, communications, marketing, the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, project management and leadership that were specifically designed for CISaustralia and Australian students
  • Meet other students from around Australia and the world, and make professional contacts – create a lifelong network of likeminded and motivated individuals
  • Many amazing places you can visit in easy travelling distance from LA
  • Enjoy being a part of arguably the entertainment capital of the world – LA is a cultural mecca boasting of more than 300 museums, and, of course, the film and television production hub of Hollywood
  • Take a break from the Aussie summer heat with a mild, sunny ‘winter’ in Southern California – warm days and mild nights
  • Go skiing or snowboarding – access some great resorts within 2-3 hours of LA
  • Spend the weekend visiting the bright lights of Las Vegas – only a 4-hour drive
  • Try new food and restaurants, visit the touristy attractions or sit back and take in entertainment galore – LA is the place to be

Choose Your Course

As a CISaustralia student you will be attending UCLA Extension on a program exclusive to CISaustralia and designed in coordination with UCLA Extension for Australian students. Students can choose from a set of pre-defined courses relating to Business, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Leadership and Communications, Marketing and Project Management. Courses are normally scheduled to take place Monday through Friday, though students should be aware that classes are subject to the professor’s availability. As such, there may be some classes held on a Saturday. Students should also obtain pre-approval from the Australian University for at least three – ideally four – courses prior to departure.

In 2013–2014, UCLA ranked 12th in academics and 8th for reputation in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. In 2013, Business Insider ranked UCLA as having the most driven students in the world, boosting the school’s prestige with respect to recruiting and hiring.

The university is one of America’s oldest, largest and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers. It boasts of Emmy-, Grammy-, and Oscar-nominated alumni, including Iris Yamashita, who was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for Letters from Iwo Jima. Other notable alumni include James Franco, Marilyn Monroe, Gavin Hood (Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film – Tsotsi) and Randi Mayem Singer, who wrote the screenplay for Mrs. Doubtfire.

As this program has been designed exclusively for CISaustralia, it is likely that most students in the classes will be Australian; however, UCLA Extension will open class enrolment to US and international students, pending class numbers. CISaustralia and UCLA Extension will organise a formal orientation for the first week of classes and an informal social event to ensure that CISaustralia students will have the chance to meet their class colleagues. There will also be a guest lecture and networking event with other UCLA Extension students.

UCLA Extension and CISaustralia strongly recommend that students bring their own laptops, as students will not have access to computer labs.

Academic requirement
To qualify students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 4.5 (out of 7) or equivalent. If your current GPA falls below the requirement please contact us to discuss your situation. We will do what we can to find the right program for you.

How to choose your courses
Now this is the fun part. As part of your application you will complete a CISaustralia Course Selection Worksheet. The instructions provided will assist you through the steps involved in selecting your courses.

Course load 
As a visa requirement, students must undertake two full-time courses (8 US credits) while attending this program – no more, no less. CISaustralia requires students to get 3 or 4 courses approved for academic credit with their Australian university – two as their top preferences, two as backups in the rare case a class might not run due to low enrolment numbers or professor availability.

  • Depending on your Australian university, you may refer to “courses” as “subjects” or “units”.
  • Each course/subject/unit you undertake on a CISaustralia program overseas is designed to be a full-time, semester course that has been condensed to fit into an intensive, short-term program. As such, for any 1 course you study abroad, you should receive the credit points for 1 full-time course/subject/unit at your Australian university.
  • Many universities work off of a 1-for-1 equivalency (1 course abroad = 1 course in Australia), but ultimately credit approval is the decision of your faculty and Australian university.
  • CISaustralia strongly recommends that you have any overseas courses pre-approved for credit before you depart for your program. Some documentation that may be useful are the course outline/syllabus, program overview, and the contact hours.
  • Your CISaustralia Program Advisor can assist with any questions or details your university needs to make a decision.

UCLA will supply all required handouts and textbooks. Optional materials and textbooks can to be purchased in advance or on arrival by students (at the student’s expense). Most textbooks will be available at the UCLA Store in Ackerman Union.

Course descriptions
The courses scheduled for the January program at UCLA Extension are the following (click on each course title to view the detailed course syllabus):

Fundamentals of Project Management
4US credits / Approx. 36 classroom contact hours
This course provides the basics of Project Management, integrating theories with practical approaches to establish a fundamental knowledge to successfully fulfill projects from start to finish. It provides students with an overview of the operations management environment, relationship among projects, programs and portfolios, project governance framework, organisation structures, and the key role of the project manager from influencing stakeholders to integrating all of the various processes throughout the lifecycle of the project. Throughout this course, students will learn new skills through rich, immersive content taught by world-renowned experts; practice new skills and expertise by working on real-world challenges; and network with peers and experts to solve challenges, expand their network, and grow professionally.

Digital Marketing
4US credits / Approx. 36 classroom contact hours
The Internet, the digital revolution, and the move toward an information-based economy are dramatically changing business and the way products are marketed and sold. To be more successful in this “new marketing world”, business people need to understand what is changing and how to use the new tools to their optimal advantage. This course is for both veteran marketers who want to understand the new tools available through the Internet, and those who are comfortable with Internet applications and the digital world but want to learn the marketing fundamentals as they apply to the Internet.

The Business of Entertainment
4US credits / Approx. 36 classroom contact hours
With the entertainment industry converging into a worldwide mass media, both business and operation models continue to rapidly evolve. This introductory course for producers, directors, writers, development personnel, and aspiring media executives examines the changing business issues associated with the entertainment industry. Through lectures, discussions with industry guests, and case studies, instruction focuses on current business and production issues, and introduces new business models to navigate content onto new distribution platforms. Some history is highlighted to provide a context for current practices and potential. The course also features opportunities to meet senior entertainment industry executives in various sectors. By the end of the course, students should have an understanding of the opportunities available in the business of entertainment.

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation
4US credits / Approx. 36 classroom contact hours
This course will review the essential factors for turning a great idea into a successful business and explores various benefits and costs of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and franchises. Topics include market surveys; site analysis; permits and licenses; patents and protection of ideas; risk management; legal requirements and regulations; capital requirements and financing sources; determining the costs and prices of goods and services; advertising and marketing; record keeping; and lines of credit and cash flow requirements.

Global Business Skills: Planning and Negotiating Strategies
4US credits / Approx. 36 classroom contact hours
Conducting business across cultures is crucial for succeeding in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This highly interactive, simulation-based course provides executives with the knowledge and skills to plan, work, and negotiate in the global marketplace. Topics include cultural differences as they affect international business, understanding hospitality and protocol, establishing trust and credibility, characteristics of a cross-cultural negotiator, concepts of win-win and win-lose, tactics and power strategies, and communication and persuasion strategies.

Leadership Communication Strategies
4US credits / Approx. 36 classroom contact hours
This course is designed to improve interpersonal behaviours and communication skills for those in leadership roles with the goal of improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work. Topics include a review of basic communication skills: listening, self-disclosure, and methods of expression; more advanced skills: nonverbal communication, influencing behaviours, addressing hidden agendas, and male/female communication in the workplace; conflict management skills; assertiveness; and responding to criticism.


Our local CISaustralia Site Director will lead 1-2 excursions during the program. Excursions that have been hosted in previous years have included sporting games, local tours, group meals, visits to the J. Paul “Getty” Museum, Santa Monica pier walking tour and other similar outings.

Students can opt to undertake a myriad of day or weekend trips on their own accord (and at their own expense), which might include Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Catalina Island and outlet mall shopping centres.

While a UCLA student card is not included, our on-site team can assist with ideas and suggestions on discount cards like the ‘Go Los Angeles Card’ and loads of free activities and things to do in LA – to immerse yourself and to experience the sights and local life.


UCLA Extension lies at the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in the world – Los Angeles. Nestled among iconic neighbourhoods such as Bel Air, Brentwood and Beverly Hills, UCLA Extension provides an exceptionally engaging and stimulating setting.

UCLA Extension is located in Westwood in the northern central portion of the Westside region of LA. From its hip arts district to fine dining, the Westside is home to many of LA’s best restaurants, high-end shopping and eclectic boutiques, and superb cultural and historic attractions. UCLA Extension is approximately a 10 minute walk from UCLA campus proper, and approximately a 30 minute walk from the accommodation. Click here to see map

Home to Hollywood, LA is without a doubt the entertainment capital of the world. The city also boasts a range of tourist attractions, great career opportunities, a feast of national sports, amazing restaurants and entertainment galore. Simply put, LA is the place to be!

The average temperature for Los Angeles in January is 13°C. The average high is a pleasant 18°C. Be prepared for both cool and warm. While LA traditionally has wonderful blue skies and mild/warm weather, in the winter months of December to February, nights can get cool, so make sure to bring a warm jacket.

A few facts about the city of Los Angeles:

  • It is the only city in North America to have hosted the Summer Olympics twice
  • LA County, with more than 87,000 jobs in the fashion industry, has surpassed New York’s fashion district workforce
  • The LA five-county area also has more than 700,000 people at work in health services/biomedical activities and 190,000 people in aerospace/technology
  • The city of LA is home to roughly 4 million people, expanding to 9.8 million if considering the County of LA
  • LA is an international destination city that is a hub of creativity in the arts and business
  • LA is filled with vibrant neighbourhoods and ethnic communities – including Chinatown, Koreatown and Little India

Westwood Village – Home of UCLA:
Located just south of the UCLA campus, Westwood Village is designed with students in mind. It has three major supermarkets and dozens of restaurants and cafes. Among its cinemas is the Mann Village Theatre, which hosts frequent Hollywood movie premieres. A playhouse and museum are also part of the mix and just a few minutes by bus you can visit the Getty Centre – a museum famous for its art collection, architecture and commanding view of the Los Angeles area. Admission is free.

Santa Monica – Once a sleepy beach town, Santa Monica is now a vibrant city between UCLA and the coast. In addition to Santa Monica’s beaches and the famed Santa Monica Pier, you can take a walk on Main Street, lined with art galleries and shops or the Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian district with restaurants, more than 200 shops, a farmers market and street performers.

Beverly Hills – Just a couple of kilometres from UCLA you’ll find the tree-lined boulevards of Beverly Hills and the infamous shopping district of Rodeo Drive, full of more glitz and glam than most can handle. If shopping and locating star homes isn’t your thing, you can take in a movie screening at the Museum of Television and Radio.

Venice – Famous for its beachfront boardwalk, Venice is home to Muscle Beach and always some colourful characters. This beach resort, complete with a casino and a pier full of restaurants, remains a great place for playing and people watching.

Beyond Los Angeles – When you are at UCLA Extension, you don’t have far to go to explore the rest of California. To the east is the desert – try your hand at climbing rocks of Joshua Tree National Park. To the south, surf the beaches of Orange and San Diego counties. Head north on coast-hugging Highway 1 for unforgettable ocean views. Enjoy lunch in Santa Barbara and perhaps continue north to explore the streets and bridges of San Francisco, the Napa Valley vineyards and breathtaking Yosemite National Park.

Rodeo Drive – The world-famous shopping destination anchored by Tiffany, Bulgari, Armani and other high-end retailers.

Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica – An attractive pedestrian district in beachside Santa Monica, complete with shops, restaurants and street performers.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the La Brea Tar Pits – The county museum of art has an extensive collection, special exhibits and frequent cultural events, including free jazz on Friday evenings. Next door, visit the La Brea Tar Pits, where stone-age animals became entrapped in pools of asphalt!

Venice Beach – A beautiful stretch of beach and ocean with a boardwalk that is home to an eclectic group of artists and performers.

Universal City Walk – A collection of restaurants, shops, cinemas and music clubs located within Universal Studios.

The Getty Centre – A nearby museum famously admired for its art collection, architecture and commanding view of LA. Admission is free.

Griffith Park – The largest city park in the US with many attractions, including an observatory, a train museum and even a pony ride!

Hollywood and Highland – At this famous corner you’ll find several famous Hollywood landmarks: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame (see the stars of our Aussies Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman), and the Kodak Theatre (now known as Dolby Theatre and home to the Academy Awards ceremonies, ‘the Oscars’), among them.

Disneyland – Walt Disney’s original theme park in nearby Anaheim, this is a favourite destination of students, families and pretty much most people that visit LA. Pop on those Mickey Mouse ears and get ready to experience Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland… you get the picture!

The University

A part of the University of California system, UCLA Extension originated as an ‘extension’ of UC Berkeley, making it older than UCLA itself. As a continuing higher education institution, it is, as the name suggests, a branch of UCLA that can lay claim to notable alumni such as Marilyn Monroe, James Franco, Bryan Cogman (screenwriter and producer, Game of Thrones), Iris Yamashita (screenwriter and Academy Award nominee, Letters from Iwo Jima) and more!

UCLA Extension is one of America’s oldest, largest and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers. Also known as the UCLA Division of Continuing Education, UCLA Extension offers a wide variety of professional development courses and programs for people who want to advance their careers, explore new career options, and enrich their personal lives.

With UCLA-approved courses and curriculum, UCLA Extension has created a customised program specifically for CISaustralia.

As a CISaustralia-UCLA Extension student enrolled during this special session, you will enjoy a structured academic and social program specifically designed for Australian students, while also enjoying access to the university’s recreation centres that offer fitness classes and activities. Your options stretch from individual use of workout equipment and swimming pools, to participation in fitness classes, yoga and martial arts, not to mention basketball courts, athletic tracks, volleyball courts and a rock climbing wall.

UCLA Extension is located in Westwood, approximately a 10 minute walk from UCLA campus proper. Classes are typically held in the two main UCLA Extension buildings: Gayley Center and 1010 Westwood Center. On occasion, classes may be conducted on the UCLA campus, but this cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on classroom availability. Detailed maps and information will be provided in a comprehensive pre-departure guide prior to program start.

UCLA Extension buildings and classrooms:

The UCLA campus is in a superb location with accessible and economical transport available to explore the region. The campus is well-maintained, the facilities world class, and the student body extremely welcoming. Students will have access to free Wi-Fi when on campus and in the UCLA Extension buildings. No password is required, just connect to the ‘UCLA Web’ network and you will be good to go!

Westwood Village is within walking distance to the campus where you will find many shops and some great eateries and restaurants. A large shopping mall that sells electronics, linens and furnishings is about 15 minutes by bus from UCLA.

There are several ATMs located throughout campus. Bank ATMs give access to the Star, Plus or Cirrus networks, so you can often use these ATMs on a network arrangement to withdraw funds. There is also a post office, hair salon, multiple computer labs and several libraries in and around campus.

Students will have access to UCLA’s libraries to study and research, but will not be able to borrow books, or copy and print from the facilities. UCLA Extension will provide students on the CISaustralia program with all necessary textbooks (included in the program fee).

Please note that CISaustralia cannot guarantee that classes will take place on the UCLA campus. Class placements are subject to classroom availability during UCLA’s Winter Quarter, and often UCLA Extension classes will take place in the UCLA Extension buildings located around and in close proximity to the campus itself.


CISaustralia students will live in basic, shared student apartments that are conveniently located around the UCLA neighbourhood. The apartment complexes are approximately a 30-minute walk to the UCLA campus. While student accommodation in Los Angeles is in high demand and supply is limited, CISaustralia has secured a range of suitable off-campus student accommodation apartments. The breakdown of rooms and apartment locations will be confirmed approximately four weeks prior to the start of the program.

Students can choose between:

  1. A shared REGULAR room and bathroom (in a shared apartment) at the Barrington apartment complex
  2. A shared MASTER room and bathroom (in a shared apartment) at the Barrington apartment complex

NOTE: There are a limited number of rooms available each January intake, which places a cap on the program. Places are on a first come, first served basis (places secured on deposit). Pending availability, CISaustralia students may be housed with non-CISaustralia students on different academic programs.

All accommodation is basic, local, student-style, self-catered accommodation and includes air-conditioning and the following: a sofa, coffee table, dining table and chairs, internet, lamps, stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and toilet/bathroom. Bed linen, blankets, pillows, towels, basic cooking items such as pots and pans, other kitchen utensils, and cutlery are also included in your accommodation package. In the bedroom, you will find: single bed/mattress, desk, chair and wardrobe.

Local accommodation staff and/or the CISaustralia Site Director will assist with directions and advice in regards to local stores for items such as food, any additional personal items, bedding/linen and utensils that students may choose to purchase.

CISaustralia counselling staff will provide ongoing advice as part of your pre-departure guide and sessions in relation to accommodation. We advise that all students should consider bringing their own towel(s), so that they can use them for the bathroom, beach or pool. Detailed instructions will be provided prior to departure and on arrival about where to purchase any additional personal household items. CISaustralia recommends stores like Walmart; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kmart; and Ross. Bed, Bath & Beyond is located 1-2 miles from the apartments, while Ross is located 0.5-1 mile from the complex. Walmart and Kmart are both located within 7-10 miles of campus or a short 15-minute drive, pending traffic. The CISaustralia Site Director and support staff on arrival can also assist with directions and local advice.

Barrington Apartments (click to view images)

The Barrington Apartments are located a healthy 25-minute to 30-minute walk from Westwood and campus (approximately 1.5 miles). There is a security fob at the main entrance, as well as 24-hour staff at the front desk. The complex has a large pool, tennis court and well-equipped gym. There are numerous eateries and restaurants close by in surrounding areas and a bus stop on the same block. Buses with direct routes to campus stop regularly there. The metro rapid routes 1, 2, 720 and 20 leave approximately every 10 minutes, so services are regular and reliable. A one-way trip to Westwood will take approximately 9-10 minutes and a one-way ticket to campus is US$1.25. There are three types of rooms available at Barrington Apartments:

  • Regular Shared Room: This is a cosy, standard size room with two single beds. There is a standard mirrored built-in wardrobe, desk, chair, bedside table and lamp. The bathroom is across the hall and shared between both students in that room.
  • Master Shared Room: A larger room with two single beds, desk, chair, bedside table and lamp, en-suite bathroom and comfortable walk-in wardrobe.

Please be aware these are off-campus student apartments that include all of the basic necessities. CISaustralia does its best to secure housing for students that is clean, in a safe area and still affordable. The apartments at Barrington are occupied by not only students but a mix of working professionals and families. We expect students to respect all occupants in these apartments and the local community by keeping noise levels down and following local apartment and community policies – living in an environment of mutual respect. 

Students should note that student accommodation in LA and around UCLA is at very low supply and very high demand. CISaustralia securing short-term accommodation near UCLA during the January semester is a real luxury. The UCLA area of Westwood and the CISaustralia apartments are in some of the most expensive real estate areas in not only LA, but in the USA, especially with cross streets such as Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Sunset Blvd and surrounding neighbourhoods of Bel-Air, Westwood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. For the shoppers, Rodeo Drive is only 3 miles away.  

Each individual student will be required to pay USD $250 as a security deposit. The security deposit is to be paid online via PayPal and will incur a small PayPal processing fee of approximately AUD $25 total (inclusive of both the deposit and refund). As typical in Australia, each apartment will be inspected on check-out and if no damage, the security deposit will be returned two weeks after check-out. If the apartment is damaged in any way, the associated cost to cover damage will be taken from the security deposit, with the remaining amount returned. Your CISaustralia program Advisor will provide you with instructions on how to pay your security deposit closer to the program start date.

In addition to having internet in the accommodation, students will have access to free wifi when on campus and in the UCLA Extension buildings. No password is required, just connect to the ‘UCLA Web’ network and you will be good to go!

Program Fee & Dates

January 2020
Application Deadline28 October 2019
Arrival Date05 January 2020
Departure Date15 February 2020
Program Fee A$ 9,899 - 10,299
OS-HELP A$ 6,791


Program fees include the following:
  • Tuition and fees (2 courses, 8 units only)
  • All additional UCLA registration, orientation and document fees
  • Airport pick-up (on specified program arrival date within designated arrival times)
  • On-site orientation
  • Recreation Card
  • CISaustralia Site Director – 24/7 emergency support
  • CISaustralia off-campus accommodation for duration of program (see above for accommodation options)
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • CISaustralia selected excursions and / or cultural activities
  • CISaustralia support services before, during and after the program
  • Academic advising
  • Financial advice
  • All program handouts and required textbooks
  • F1 visa related documentation and instructions (visa fee not included)
  • Welcome breakfast or luncheon
  • Assistance with travel arrangements via STA Travel or local staff
  • Pre-departure guide and session
  • Farewell ceremony
  • UCLA Extension official transcript and record of participation
  • CISaustralia Certificate of Completion

What is not included:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Vaccinations (if required)
  • Meals (unless mentioned above)
  • Extra travel/excursions (other than those mentioned above)
  • UCLA Student ID card

Students should expect to pay approx. A$500 for their student visa, pending the exchange rate ($AUD to $USD). The visa fee of approx. A$500 includes 3 different components – a US Government visa application fee, a US Government Issuance Fee and the US Government Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee. US Government student visa fees are regulated by the US Government and are subject to change without notice. CISaustralia cannot charge or collect fees for the US student visa.

Please note that CISaustralia cannot guarantee that classes will take place on the UCLA campus. Class placements are subject to classroom availability during UCLA’s Winter Quarter, and often UCLA Extension classes will take place in the UCLA Extension buildings located around and in close proximity to the campus itself.

CISaustralia reserves the right to alter fees and inclusions at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or changes made by our affiliates and partner universities.

Dates are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

Adventure Awaits

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