Student Experience

Some students may find an international experience daunting and expensive – for example, first generation University students, those who have not travelled before or students who may just need a little extra encouragement. Often students gain confidence to take that first step by creating a familiar environment – travelling with the lecturer and fellow classmates!

Students who are well travelled also find these programs engaging, exciting and academically rewarding.

With Customised Faculty Led Programs, students are able to afford an international academic experience based on the CISaustralia competitive programing costs, various government funding and scholarship opportunities available, e.g. OS-HELP,  in addition to the shorter time frames involved for these programs (2-8 weeks).

Students also find these shorter time frames allow them to work for the majority of their holiday periods, before or after their CFLP program.

Students on a CISaustralia Customised Faculty Led Program benefit from:

  • New global networks and increased employment opportunities
  • Personal and professional development
  • Developed cultural understanding
  • Improved language skills
  • Academic credit towards their degree
  • Improved institutional engagement and academic performance
  • Access to affordable overseas educational experiences
  • Detailed student counselling and support related to the destination and program
  • Greater awareness of government and university funding opportunities
  • Counselling on OS-HELP and other government funding, university grants and scholarships
  • On-the-ground in-country support
  • Increased confidence to engage in additional extracurricular activities – be they additional extended overseas studies or other academic and professional development opportunities here in Australia

Cultural Immersion

CISaustralia focuses on achieving maximum cultural immersion while on a Customised Faculty Led Program. We do this by introducing our ‘La Vida Local’ Program.

At CISaustralia we know that cultural immersion contributes to growth, perspective and learning to be flexible. We want students to “live the local life” as much as possible, no matter the length of a program. So, built into each of our programs is our La Vida Local™ culture series.

La Vida Local is our cultural immersion program, which means to “Live a local’s life.” The goal of the program is to help students immerse themselves into the local culture and live like a local through a variety of activities and/or projects. We want students to see where the locals eat, shop, hang out and learn to understand the culture in their host country – we want them to learn and understand that a difference of culture is not wrong, it is simply different.

Depending on the amount of flexibility and free time in a program itinerary, our team is happy to provide a list of La Vida Local activities for the particular city and country. The CISaustralia leader will provide suggestions or even run a contest to see which students can cross off as many ‘local’ activities from a set list!

Student Testimonials

“I would definitely go through CIS again if given the chance. Can’t wait to come back to Rome and Florence.”
– University of Canberra, Poetry and the Visual Image in Italy

“This has been such a wonderful experience. I would definitely go with CIS again.”
– University of Canberra, Poetry and the Visual Image in Italy

“Wouldn’t change anything about it… Great people to travel with; CIS made everything easier with their organisational stuff.” 
– University of Wollongong, Economics and Finance Study Tour in Thailand and Laos

“This has been an excellent experience. Big thanks to CIS and everyone who made this possible.”
– University of Wollongong, Economics and Finance Study Tour in Thailand and Laos

Adventure Awaits

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