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CISaustralia offers customised internship opportunities – you can think of us like a match-making service for internships! Be sure to research the internship program you’d like to attend to learn about the destination, application deadlines, eligibility requirements, dates and more. Not sure which program is a good fit for you? Contact CISaustralia via email, or call 07 5571 7887. We’re happy to help!

Complete the CISaustralia Intern Abroad Online Application

After your application is received and reviewed by CISaustralia, you will be granted access to the CISaustralia Participant Portal. You will receive instructions via email for logging into the Participant Portal. In the Portal you will be able to complete the following:

  • Complete the CISaustralia Applicant Profile (online form)
  • Upload a copy of your passport photo page
  • Upload a copy of your unofficial university transcript
  • Upload your resume
    • Your resume should be up-to-date and include your academic and work history
  • Upload a Cover Letter
    • Your cover letter should be addressed ‘To whom it may concern’ and should illustrate what you want to focus on during your internship and the skills you possess that make you a good candidate for that internship
    • *Upload of Cover Letter does not apply to Industry Immersion Program applicants

For Intern in England applicants only:

  • Upload an Academic Reference
  • Upload an Employment Reference

For Intern in Vietnam applicants only:

  • Upload either an Academic or an Employment Reference

Submit your once off, non-refundable, internship application fee of $95. For CISaustralia to assess your internship application, we require your application fee, which includes:

  • Initial review, processing and assessment of your application
  • Internship matching interview with CISaustralia
  • For successful applicants, a program-specific Skype interview with overseas internship manager
  • Any initial documentation required by your home university

Refer to the link in your CISaustralia Participant Portal for details on how to pay your internship application fee.

*Application fee does not apply to Industry Immersion Program applicants.

Upon receiving all required documentation and your non-refundable application fee, CISaustralia will assess your application and give you an interview call to review your application.

On successful completion of a preliminary interview with CISaustralia, applicants will then progress to a Skype interview with our overseas Internship Manager. This will give us a chance to talk through the placement process in more detail, set expectations for all parties and answer any additional questions.

*Skype interview with overseas Internship Manager does not apply to Industry Immersion Program applicants.

CISaustralia will assess your application in consultation with our on-site staff and will be in touch with you every step of the way. Successful applicants will receive a Program Offer (via your Participant Portal) and the internship program deposit will be due. This allows the team to commence actively finding a suitable internship placement and to secure your accommodation.

An initial deposit of $750 applies to most internship programs; a higher initial deposit is required for Intern in England participants along with a second deposit to secure high demand accommodation, which is due 70 days prior to the program start date. The deposit is not an extra fee; it is part of your overall internship program fee. If CISaustralia cannot find you a successful placement, your initial deposit will be refunded in accordance with the CISaustralia Refund Policy.

If your application is successful, CISaustralia will send you a Program Confirmation (via email) as well as information on what is required prior to your departure.

Applicants will be required to make program payments in accordance with the CISaustralia Fees and Payment Policy and final payment is due 60 days prior to the departure date for the program. This payment may be due prior to confirmation of an internship placement.

To ensure you have a professional internship experience that is aligned with your required outcomes, your host company may be confirmed as little as 2 weeks prior to your program arrival date. All internships are customised for individual students to achieve the best outcomes and CISaustralia works with real, modern-day businesses. Therefore, it is often not possible for a business to confirm your placement earlier than 1-2 months prior to your program arrival date. Before confirming your placement, CISaustralia qualifies the staffing levels of your host company, liaises with your supervisor and highlights the projects you will be working on while participating in the internship. In many instances, this information cannot be accurately confirmed until 1-2 months prior to your program arrival date. All internship applicants need to consider this timeline very carefully before committing to the internship search. This includes acknowledging that full program fees may be due before a host company is confirmed. For any queries, please contact your Program Advisor.

CISaustralia will endeavour to offer at least one placement within your preferred internship field. If you choose not to accept an offered placement that is demonstrated to be within one of your preferred internship placement fields, the program deposit is non-refundable.

CISaustralia endeavours to locate the most appropriate placement for all intern participants. It is at the discretion of CISaustralia and the on-site Intern Manager to determine if a placement is demonstrated to be within one of your preferred internship placement fields. In most cases, if time permits, CISaustralia will attempt to locate more than one possible internship placement to offer you, however the program deposit is non-refundable once an initial Placement Offer is made, regardless of your acceptance or rejection of a placement offer. The placement offer is not the same as Placement Confirmation. An offer can be made verbally or via email by CISaustralia. Placement Confirmation is determined once the host organisation officially confirms the placement for you. A Placement Confirmation email is sent to you at this time along with confirmed placement details.

*Placement acceptance does not apply to Industry Immersion Program applicants.

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