Why CISaustralia

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Green Your Overseas Experience

At CISaustralia we promote positive impact through participation and contribution in our field and our society; we aim to lessen the impact our organisation and business practices have on the environment.

How do we do this? Well, we listen to what needs to be done both here in Australia and in our host destinations, we participate positively in our own community to reduce our carbon footprint and yes we recycle!

What else can you do now:

If you have an elective subject to complete, or perhaps just for fun – take a course in environmental science while overseas. Learn about the rainforest in Peru and what we can do to help protect it, or take a course in sustainable development in New Zealand or climate change and renewable energies in Costa Rica. At the least, ask questions and learn about the natural environment while you are travelling. How wonderful if generations to come can still experience all the amazing sites of this world – we need to be the ones to ensure this is the case.

Make a direct impact and volunteer abroad. Either as your full overseas experience or tack onto your study plans – let us know what you are interested in and we will find an opportunity for you. Get involved today!

Share your experience – let us know – call us, email or post on Facebook what you have found, what you did or what you plan to do to leave the world a better place.

Here’s what we at CISaustralia do:

We aim to reuse materials rather than using new ones and when we can’t reuse, we recycle! From paper that we re-use in our printer to cans and bottles that we diligently recycle, we try to operate sustainably. We also discuss how to travel with less impact. For example we encourage our teams to have small travel containers to refill with lotions and shampoos and we use stainless steel water bottles rather than purchasing plastic water bottles that inevitably end up as additional landfill.

CISaustralia brochures are printed using paper from sustainable forests and purchase office materials that, in all cases possible, are from local sources using biodegradable and recycled content. We use paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved and we try not to print unless necessary – and when we do, we use both sides of the page!

Educate you, our participants, regarding the environmental factors in your host country. We aim to let you know how to walk lightly in your host country having minimal impact and creating positive change.

If you have ideas, comments or questions please contact us.