Leadership and Cultural Development in Thailand

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Spend a culturally rewarding few weeks in Bangkok and Chiang Mai while being challenged and building on your teamwork and leadership skills! Your time will be split between lectures, site visits and team building activities. The last few days are spent volunteering at a local village.

Spend a fun and fulfilling few weeks in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand being challenged and building on your teamwork and leadership skills! Your time will be split between lectures at the Mahidol University International College, site visits and team building activities, with the last few days being spent putting these new skills into practice by volunteering at a local village. 

Stimulating lecture topics may include Ethics in Asian Culture, Organisational Behaviour in Asia, Human Resource Management in Thailand / Asia, Cultural Behaviour, Entrepreneurship in Thailand / Asia, and other similar topics surrounding leadership and concepts relevant to Asia. Site visits are planned to follow the themes discussed in the lectures, and some of those may include visits to the Australian Embassy, NGOs and locally-based international businesses, among other organisations.

As part of the program, there is a volunteer project at a small local village to assist with community development. Volunteer work may include small construction projects and education for local school children. This will be combined with informal discussions with local leaders who are not only involved with the growing tourism industry of the area, but are also working closely with local and national NGOs.

This program has been built to help students hone the skills needed to become not only great leaders, but also great team players. With these types of skills being so crucial for career-building, this program is great for anyone!

Program Details:

  • Activities: Students will spend their first few days in Bangkok, either attending lectures, site visits, or participating in team building exercises. The last 3-5 days will be spent volunteering in a small, local village about an hour from Chiang Mai.

  • Availability: Two intakes per year (only) in January and July. Each intake will have a maximum of 20 students and a minimum of 10 students enrolled to run the program. Places are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Duration: 15 days

  • Timetable: Days will vary, but generally the morning will be spent attending lectures, and the afternoons will be for site visits. These days will be broken up by facilitated team building activities and one or two free days. When in the small village in Chiang Mai, student's time will be spent volunteering.

  • Location: Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Excursions: Lectures and excursions have been included in this program. You may visit an array of different organisations, from hotels working with both Asian and Western customers, to the World Bank and others.

  • Support: 24-hour on-site support from Site Coordinator and Site Director

  • Minimum Age: 18+

  • Language: English, with a basic Thai language class upon arrival