January in Barcelona, Naples, Rome and Florence

  • Barcelona
  • Florence
Remarkable culture, magnificent landscapes and architecture, fascinating history, delicious cuisine, shopping and market madness – if this sounds enticing, then this engaging travel-based academic program is for you! Earn academic credit while experiencing all the Mediterranean has to offer while travelling through the great cities of Rome, Florence and Barcelona.

This multi-country program will immerse you in the fascinating history and culture of some of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in Europe. You will travel from the ancient Imperial Rome to the Renaissance of Florence with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and finish with the modern and extravagant architecture of Gaudi in the vibrant city of Barcelona. 

Take a leap back into history

This program will take you back to Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages. You will be immersed in the art, literature and archaeology of the regions. This exciting study-tour will allow you to explore the cultural, historical, political and social aspects of  the Mediterranean region. 

Discover the mouth-watering delicacies

You will experience the joys of eating mouth-watering Mediterranean meals! From delicious Italian pizza, pasta and gelato to Spanish paella and churros con chocolate, you will feast on the most exquisite food that Europe has to offer.

Want more? 

This summer academic travelling program finishes in mid-January, allowing you time to set off for another adventure and explore some of the same locations in more detail or explore new horizons. The opportunity to travel in Europe is endless, with affordable and accessible transport systems (trains, buses and budget flights).