January in Cusco, Peru

  • Open your eyes to the world-renowned Latin American culture, cuisine, and history by spending a semester in Peru! Explore Peru's natural playground by trekking the Inca Trail to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, or adventure into Colca Canyon, home to some of the largest birds in nature, the Andean Condors.
Study Spanish and local topics in English in beautiful and historic Cusco, Peru! Enjoy a highlands setting in the former capital of the Inca Empire, where indigenous peoples still wear traditional, colourful clothing and festivals take place on a regular basis.

Spend 3 weeks enjoying the vibrant Peruvian city of Cusco while taking a course for academic credit (taught in English).

Cusco, originally established by the Inca and built up by the Spanish colonials, is a unique blend of modern and ancient – you will experience its quaint cobblestone streets, its modern markets, historical buildings and traditional people. This vibrant, high-elevation city is a dynamic hub providing the perfect setting for you to study during your summer break.

Start getting excited about:

Traditional Peruvian culture and history

Cusco has retained and truly embraces its legacy as the centre of the impressive Inca Civilisation. Museums, libraries and archaeological sites relating to the Inca are abound in Cusco and surrounding areas.

Incredible setting

Cusco is in a high valley that sits approximately 3,400m (11,100ft) above sea level. That’s some high altitude study! Think about this – Australia's highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, is only 2,228m (7,310ft) above sea level. Flanked by arguably the most beautiful mountain range on the globe, the Andes, the climate is enjoyable, the sun is bright and the people have a reputation as being one of the most friendly and welcoming on the planet. Yes, on the planet!

Amazing sights

The region is home to amazing landmarks including the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, and is also filled with beautiful mountain views, traditional Quechua communities, llamas, salt flats, market towns and ancient ruins.

Peruvian culture

The winter program takes place at a small satellite campus of a Peruvian University (USIL), developed specifically for international students looking for a unique study environment that could be combined with boundless travel opportunities, small personalised classes, individual attention and cultural immersion like no other. You can choose to study Inca Architecture and / or Sustainable Tourism. The courses and activities will take you out of the classroom setting to explore the city and the many impressive sites.