January in France, Italy and Greece

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Remarkable culture, magnificent landscapes and architecture, fascinating history, delicious cuisine, shopping and market madness – if this sounds enticing, then this engaging travel-based program is for you! Earn academic credit while you travel the Mediterranean, visiting various cities throughout France, Italy and Greece.

This unique travel-based summer program emphasises architecture, art, culture, and history among Mediterranean countries. Explore and learn from some of the Mediterranean's most scenic and cultural sites: Pont du Gard, Glanum, and Arles in France; Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples and Pompeii in Italy; and Athens, Mycenia, Olympia and Delphi in Greece. History, the arts, religion and archaeology will be the main academic focus and there will be fellow students, local guides and experts in the field to share their knowledge.

Take a leap back into history

This program will take you back to Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages. You will be immersed in the art, literature and archaeology of the regions and gain visual experience through visiting the sites. This exciting study-tour will allow you to explore the cultural, historical, political and social aspects of those times around the Mediterranean region. 

The art of learning

This program offers students with a choice of one of five subjects to suit a range of interests, including areas of ancient and medieval art, architecture and history; Greek and Roman archaeology; as well as cultural and religious studies in Europe. Professor Guillaume Durand is well equipped with knowledge of history, art and archaeology, having completed a Masters of Art History and Archaeology on Byzantine Studies and a PhD in Romanian History at the Université de Provence. R. Bruce Hitchner is Professor of Classics and International Relations and Director of the Archaeology program at Tufts University. He has directed major archaeological projects in France and Tunisia and is the former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Archaeology.

Discover the delightful delicacies

You will experience the joys of eating mouth-watering Mediterranean meals! From delicious Italian pizza, pasta and gelato to succulent lamb and home-cooked Greek pastries, you will feast on the most exquisite food that Europe has to offer.

Want more? 

This January academic travelling program finishes in mid-January, allowing you time to set off for another adventure and explore some of the same locations in more detail or explore new horizons. The opportunity to travel and explore in Europe is endless, with affordable and accessible transport systems (trains, buses and budget flights).