January in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Czech Republic

  • On the January in Rome, Marseille, Paris, Prague and London program you will see six of Europe’s major cities in just 16 nights! Thrive off adventure and love the idea of exploring a diverse range of classic, sophisticated, gothic and contemporary big cities! Check out this amazing 16-day European escapade and just say “Oui”!
This travelling program emphasises the great cities of Europe through visits to Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, and Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Prague, Czech Republic. Soak up these world-class cities' art, architecture, culture and history as you explore each city as a living, breathing "classroom."

Enjoy the culture and cuisine of France, admire the architecture and history of Rome, lose yourself in the Canal Belt of Amsterdam, and delight in the emerging nature of Prague. This program utilises the cities themselves as your classroom, also utilising local experts and guides to provide authentic insight into what makes each city unique (and also similar) in their status as European hubs of art and culture. 

Best of Europe

This study tour will showcase some of the best of Europe and students will explore the cities’ culture and urban settings from the late nineteenth-century through to contemporary times. The six unique cities have much art and culture to offer, and you will get to study some places of inspiration for artists including Petronius, Alexandre Dumas and Franz Kafka.

Winter Wonderland

Escape the Aussie heat and sun to the fabulous European winter and snow. What better way to enjoy winter than to study the history and culture of exotic cities like Rome, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Paris, Prague and Amsterdam. Get cosy with a European cappuccino and appreciate the literature, cinema, music and art that has cultivated these impressive cities.

The Professor

Dr. Leigh Smith has a PhD in comparative literature, has worked in the area of study abroad and has also studied abroad himself. His experience and expertise will be fundamental to your experience and learning of European history and culture. 

What else the cities have to offer

This study-tour offers a mix of cities – students will begin with strolling through the buzzing streets of Rome. One of the world’s great art cities, it has so much to offer, from the enthralling art and culture, to the delectable food and wine, to the ancient ruins and historical sites. Just over a week in the stunning French cities will be a sight for sore eyes, with amazing architecture, elegant and sophisticated boutique-laden streets, classic sites, gorgeous landscapes and so much more. To add to the diversity, Prague is truly beautiful and fascinating, exuding a mix of historic, dark, gothic and chic elements. 

Want more? 

This January academic travelling program finishes in mid-January, allowing you time to set off for another adventure and explore some of the same locations in more detail or explore new horizons. The opportunity to travel and explore in Europe is endless, with affordable and accessible transport systems (train).