Semester in Barcelona, Spain

  • Semester in Barcelona
Imagine this… Warm summer days spent exploring an exotic new city, followed by evenings brimming with flamboyant Spanish music, dancing, refreshing sangria and casually strolling from tapas bar to tapas bar. This could be you immersing yourself in the very best of Barcelona’s colourful culture!

Barcelona is a bustling seaside city in the Mediterranean country of Spain. This city is an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional culture, celebrated architecture, and a world-class wining and dining scene. Picture yourself studying a semester abroad in Barcelena and enjoying…

The spanish way of life – It’s been said that the Spaniards have their own way of life and when you visit Barcelona you quickly understand this! Afternoon siestas, late evenings consisting of tapas bar hopping and dancing to Flamboyant street performers ensure life in Barcelona is full of fun!

The culture capital of the Mediterranean – Barcelona is home to more World Heritage sites than any other European city. Here, you will be exposed to more than 2,000 years of architectural wonders and transformations including the works of Antoni Gaudi and Picasso. Don’t forget the famous café culture, tapas restaurants and nightlife either - they’re famous for a reason!

Social events & weekend trips – As part of the program, our on-site team organise a range of events to ensure you’re exposed to the authentic Spanish way of life. Activities may include: A flamenco show, spanish cinema, Catalan cooking classes, and possible weekend trips to Granada, Madrid, and Costa Brava. You will be living life to it’s fullest during your Semester in Barcelona.

Classes taught in English and Spanish – while most classes are taught in English, we encourage students to take an intensive Spanish-language class. The language classes are offered for speakers of all levels and are tailored to meet your needs – let us help you learn Spanish!