Semester in Florence, Italy

  • Semester in Florence
Imagine studying in one of the world’s most ancient and fascinating cities, where food, fashion and art is celebrated and savoured every day! In Florence, you will immerse yourself in the Italian’s colourful way of life - one that is often only dreamt of by others! Here, you will enjoy this true Italian adventure.

As a student in the Tuscan city of Florence, you will quickly feel like a local as you wander through busy piazzas in search of your favourite pasta trattoria! The Florence University of the Arts is where you will spend your semester, and be able to experience…

Genuine Tuscan Food – Everywhere you look you will see (and smell) local, family-owned cafes and restaurants offering the very best of Italian cuisine. Pasta, pizza, tiramisu and local red wine – life won’t get any better!

The leather capital – Florence is famous for it’s bustling leather markets selling pieces unique to this part of the world. As a local, you will soon know the best places to shop for shoes, handbags, wallets, coats – you name it!

An art-lover’s paradise – If you’ve heard of the Medici family, you will know that Florence is the best city in the world to discover their history. Spend a morning (or day) strolling through the world-famous Uffizi Gallery learning all about these famous Florentine families.

Location, location, location! During your Semester in Florence, you will be based in such close proximity to neighbouring European countries. Fancy a quick holiday getaway to France for some cheese and baguette, or maybe a long weekend swimming in Santorini?