England Semester Abroad

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England is renowned for its rich history, art, and culture. While studying or interning in London, you'll be living among icons such as Buckingham Palace, the Globe Theatre, Notting Hill, Big Ben, and the West End theater district.

England Semester Abroad Programs

January in Dublin, London, Stratford and Oxford
January in Dublin, London, Stratford and Oxford England

Unique, eccentric, attractive and intriguing – are just a few words to describe the cities of Dublin,London, Stratford and Oxford. Combine this with a plethora of interesting history, art and culture and you have the perfect study tour for Shakespearean and drama students!

January in London, England
January in London, England England

Spend part of your summer in London studying at the top-ranked ‘best modern university in London’. Set on a beautiful and historic campus, this study program offers a personalised academic experience that will help you become the kind of graduate employers are looking for: a confident, critical thinker, able to adapt to a changing world, with an ongoing passion for your subject.

Semester in London, England
Semester in London, England England

During your Semester in London, you will be taking classes at one of the world’s most recognised institutions while exploring England’s busy capital! Walk along the river Thames, grab a bite to eat at a local British pub before going to shopping in Harrods, or to a musical in the West End Theatre district. Whatever you do, your Semester in London will be everything you dreamed of and more, and you might even pick up a bit of an accent!