Semester in Prague, Czech Republic

  • Semester in prague czech republic
Imagine studying in one of central Europe’s most important cultural and economic cities. If Business and Economics appeal to you then a Semester in Prague is a dream opportunity.

The Semester in Business and Economics, Prague is the ideal blend of educational requirements, social activities and rich cultural adventures. Studying at Prague’s University of Economics genuinely means immersing yourself in one of Central Europe’s most dynamic and culturally interesting capital cities. Start getting excited about:

A tailored learning experience - There’s no better way to truly learn about Central and Eastern European economics, societies and culture than to be living in it! Immerse yourself in this city’s outstanding cultural identity and see what makes Prague the city that it has become today.

So much to see and do – The city possesses a fascinating history, marvellous architecture that changes in every district, a pulsating nightlife, and an arts scene that’s full of life… much like it’s city. Every day will be a new adventure. Plus, Prague is the perfect hub to visit neighbouring countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland - just to name a few!

Vibrant campus life – Dull moments will be a rare occurence during your Semester in Prague. The Central and Eastern European Studies Program (CESP), in conjunction with the “Buddy System,” organise a variety of activities both on campus and in your new city, to fully immerse you in Prague’s way of life.

A city made for exploring – The city is so easy to get around, whether by foot, bike or their well connected public transport system, you’ll never be without something to see and do.

Affordability: Another of Prague’s best features is its affordability. Despite being a famous tourist attaction, Prague manages to remain a city suited to the budget-conscious.

Buddy program – Many of your classmates will be international students, and you will have a Czech buddy to help you navigate and explore this great city.