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In a world that is experiencing globalisation at such a rapid rate, nothing will prepare students for life after graduation more than studying, interning or volunteering abroad.

CISaustralia students are not only immersed in new cultures, meeting new people and trying new things, but they are also gaining international and professional experience while growing as individuals with a deeper, more compassionate understanding of the world and of themselves.

International experience is no longer something that merely helps students stand out; it is quickly becoming essential in their journey to success.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

There are many benefits from a study abroad experience and each student will take something unique away from their program and broader experience.

The most common benefits students experience from an overseas study experience include:

  • Personal growth – Students will stand out among their peers because of the maturity and confidence that is developed through independent thinking, navigating new countries and cultures, and learning how to effectively connect and communicate in unfamiliar circumstances
  • International experience – This will help your child learn about themselves and how s/he adapts in new and different situations, as well as sets them up for success in all areas of life
  • New global networks and increased employment opportunities – Your child will expand their friend base and professional network significantly by living in another country. This greatly improves their chances of meeting new people and connecting with like-minded individuals who can potentially introduce them to an abundance of opportunities post-graduation
  • Increased cultural understanding and ability to work and socialise with people from other countries – Regardless of the industry students enter after they graduate, it is certain that they will encounter people from other countries and cultures. It is beneficial for them to have a good understanding of different cultures and knowing how to connect and communicate effectively with them
  • Deeper understanding of their home culture – Students inevitably become hyper-aware of their own cultural normalities when they are faced with new practices that are vastly different from that which they have always been accustomed  
  • Personal and professional development – Employers today are searching for individuals with international experience. Living and working in another country is one of the best ways to gain life skills that cannot be learnt in a classroom like maturity, independence, flexibility and second-language proficiency
  • Greater understanding of global issues – By living and working abroad, students will gain a better insight and understanding of global issues and the way they affect citizens around the world, since they will see firsthand how it directly affects the people around them. This inherently aids in a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and provides them with new ideals and ways of thinking that help them produce solutions
  • Improved language skills – There is no more effective way to improve language and communication skills than being immersed in a foreign language
  • Increased creativity – Being immersed in a new culture introduces new concepts and ideals to students, promoting fresh points-of-view and different ways to approach various situations
  • Increased flexibility, confidence and ability to think on your feet – Innovation is one of the key components of being abroad. Students are forced to adapt quickly in new situations which helps build confidence in their decisions in different areas of life
  • Academic credit towards their degree – Students will receive academic credit towards their degrees once their overseas program is complete, so there shouldn’t be much concern about it affecting their graduation date
  • Increased confidence to engage in additional extracurricular activities – Whether it is additional extended overseas studies, or other academic or professional development opportunities here in Australia, students are more likely to try new activities
  • Increased job and career prospects – Whether it is studying, interning or volunteering abroad, your child will have the opportunity to shape her/his future by learning through their experiences and networking around the world

In the competitive job market and the new global economy, students are looking for an edge to their degree. What better way to get that edge than have an overseas study, intern or volunteer experience!

Students can receive academic credit towards their degree in Australia, and various forms of scholarships and funding (both loans and grants) are available from the Australian Government and most Australian Universities, making overseas study more accessible than it has ever been before. Students should contact CISaustralia for more details on various scholarship and funding opportunities.

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