Industry Immersion Program – New York City

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Become industry ready in 3 weeks! Engage with some of the biggest brands from around the world, network with top executives, understand the value of self-branding, get hands-on insight into marketing and entrepreneurship, and learn how to ‘kickstart a start-up’! This internship opportunity in NYC is all set to bring out the best in you. Tap into that creative entrepreneurial side while experiencing everything New York has to offer.

Special Offer Travel Scholarships

$1,000 Travel Scholarship – Industry Immersion Program – NYC: July 2018

CISaustralia would like to offer one lucky student a $1,000 scholarship for the Industry Immersion Program – NYC: July 2018. All students who have applied for, been accepted into and paid a deposit for the Industry Immersion Program – NYC: July 2018 program will automatically be entered into the draw. The scholarship will be drawn on 1 June 2018. Terms and Conditions.

Our Industry Immersion Program in New York City (IIP-NYC) is a unique opportunity for a limited group of students to engage in an intensive industry immersion internship over three weeks in July. The program will focus on and expose students to key academic business topics in marketing and entrepreneurship. Looking to kickstart a business or get valuable insider information about a career in some of the most well-known brands in the United States and the world? Then this program is for you! The program is designed for professional and personal development that combines academic and practical life with business skills with the goal of shaping you to be a well-rounded individual.

In today’s super connected world, your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability, especially in the world of marketing where your influence points can help you land that dream job. That's why before you join the IIP-NYC program, you'll get access to 20 hours of online course materials to help you navigate the world of self-brand and remote working. You'll learn how personal branding is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement for those looking for the dream job or next career step. Over the 20 hours of online learning prior to program start, you will cover modules in determining your unique skills, how to build an audience, how to grow influence, bring your brand to life and how to develop strong online social skills. On completion of the course, your online social accounts will be representing you and your desired career path including top tips of LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Blogging and Twitter.

Over the duration of the online module you'll also learn the critical remote working skills that employers now look for when recruiting new staff, such as online communication skills from organising your calendar to getting your video conferencing professionally perfect. You'll also learn tips and tricks to keep on top of workloads and not miss those important deadlines.

While in New York City:

  • Each week you will focus on a different aspect of modern marketing, such as storytelling for social enterprises, problem solving, real time business challenges, influencer marketing for start-ups, social-first content campaigns, how to present a killer pitch and more.
  • We launch you into the ‘big time’ by spending the first two weeks visiting some of biggest and best companies and brands in the world – favourites like Facebook, Buzzfeed, Amazon and Business Insider – and get a deeper look into how they market. Let’s not forget visits to Wall Street (insider tour), the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, China Town Markets, Ellis Island, a city tour and the Empire State Building!
  • Work with a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs under the mentorship of industry professionals. Put your insight to work through practical hands-on projects, coming up with real solutions for real world companies and helping industry clients and social enterprises tackle marketing challenges. 
  • Spend your final week learning how to kickstart a start-up. Attend sessions on branding, website creation, market research, company feasibility and pitch decks that will provide you with everything you need to know about starting your own business. 
  • Nearing the end of the program, this ‘Innovative Experienceship’ concludes with The Bear Pit – where you will pitch your idea to a panel of local entrepreneurs to win the ‘investment’. The pitches are judged using criteria of Investability, Achievability, Positive Impact and Presentation. What a perfect opportunity to put all your training into action! You will get the opportunity, with limited time, to pitch and clearly communicate your idea. You will also have to answer questions after the pitch where you will be able to showcase your abilities, receive feedback and think on the spot. Finally, a post-pitch reception will be held; no better place to test out your newly acquired networking skills!
  • Throughout these three weeks, you will meet with leading entrepreneurs, get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to several big-name New York companies, attend networking events, travel to famous cultural sites and experience all that New York City has to offer. You will leave New York with well sought-after employability skills, numerous networking connections, a solid self/personal brand, and a newfound love for the Big Apple. 

“Creativity – Confidence – Leadership” – Personal skills that you should acquire by the end of the program:

Develop your free thinking and tap into your creative thinking abilities. You will learn how to solve problems creatively, generate innovative ideas, present with confidence, lead and facilitate group discussions, work in a team and learn to professionally manage client relationships. With the latest online resources and technologies, you will learn to trust your instincts to make quick and effective decisions. 

“Tell me about yourself.” Do you find yourself struggling with this question during a job interview? This program includes a pre-program workshop where you will be given an opportunity to work on your self-brand and understand what is important to you. There will be challenges each day that you will need to practically solve and begin to use some of the communication tools you have learned about during the online sessions. The outcome? A clear in-depth understanding of the importance of self-brand, modern workplace environments and an introduction to different sectors and industries. Learn how to nail first impressions and build a stunning professional online profile ready to blow your employers and recruitment managers away! 

Develop your emotional intelligence and improve your awareness, control and expression of your own emotions, as well as the ability to handle interpersonal relationships diplomatically. Be able to adapt your communication to different environments and situations. Manage workloads, deadlines, international time zones and work/life balance. The entrepreneurship and marketing aspects involve a lot of teamwork – heightened emotional intelligence is not only key to becoming a great team player but also being recognised as a key trait/aspect of great leadership. 

This program involves several client pitch opportunities with creative learning exercises. You will learn how to present with confidence and improve your public speaking and leadership skills. Say goodbye once and for all to stage fright and unlock your potential to conquer the world!