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Expand your personal and professional horizons through a custom internship placement in vibrant Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Thailand! When you intern in Thailand you'll get everything you need to make the most of your time: a custom-chosen professional internship, exceptional support and cultural engagements.

CISaustralia allows you to expand your future horizons by securing a professional internship placement and quality international experience, complete with around-the-clock assistance. We know the value of having global experiences on your CV, which is why we’re dedicated to making sure your experience is a positive one, full of growth and exciting development.

Thailand is an ever growing and expanding country. Its economy is the 2nd largest in all of Southeast Asia and is an economy that is continually evolving and developing, offering a unique environment for interns to gain a valuable international experience. Our internships in Thailand provide you with the opportunity to cultivate professional skills and gain work experience in the field of your choice. The economic growth of the city has been thriving at an amazing rate for the past several years, not only bringing millions out of extreme poverty, but raising the standards of living to some of the highest in Asia. You have the choice of a wide variety of professional placements in architecture, business development and creative industries, engineering, finance, entrepreneurship, IT, marketing, hospitality, tourism, human rights, journalism and media. 

Use our well-established network to find the best intern placement for your interests and talents 

All CISaustralia staff have had international experiences, whether they have worked, studied, interned or lived overseas. Our adviser’s knowledge of Thailand and what makes a great internship will provide you with invaluable career opportunities as well as memories to last a lifetime.

Intern in one of South East Asia’s largest economies – Bangkok, or the historic city of Chiang Mai

With such a strong and diverse economy, you’ll have the chance to choose from a range of opportunities and get to know what it’s like to work in this exciting region of Asia. English is widely spoken throughout Thailand and many business operations in Thailand use English as their primary language, which allows interns to benefit from their international placement without having to learn a new language. Thailand ranks 2nd for quality of life among the ten ASEAN countries, and boasts a diverse population, meaning in your placement you could be working with a range of tourist, migrants, expatriates and locals! 

While in Thailand, experience the culture!

Thailand is consistently ranked as one of the friendliest countries in the world, and is a country that welcomes diversity and is proud of their culture. Be sure to see, smell, taste and touch all aspects of Thai culture. One of the best aspects of international work experience is the balance of adventure, discovery and development. Your CISaustralia experience comes complete with orientation and activities included so that you can get to know the other interns on your program, the area where you will be working and how to get around. You will have several opportunities to taste the local cuisines and visit the famous landmarks. 

Our support 

We want you to get the most out of your experience, which is why we provide you with airport pick-up, accommodation and the other logistical details that can become a distraction from the real purpose of your trip. This way, you get comfortable quickly and start enjoying the Thai lifestyle, while being able to focus on your customised internship.