Intern in New Zealand

  • Intern in New Zealand
Accelerate your practical business skills while experiencing the benefits of living in an amazing scenic country with a month to year-long custom internship placement. It’s so close to home, why not?

Our Program

New Zealand is a wonderful option for an internship. With month to year-long placements available, you can enjoy the country's beauty and Kiwi culture all so close to home.

Start getting excited about:

Living in an adventure capital of the world – yes many people consider NZ to be one of the most adrenaline-pumping countries to visit. Kayak down rapids, skydive, surf, river board, snowboard, hike, canyon… you name it, New Zealand probably has it – and once you are there, it’s all only a short road trip away.

Spectacular landscape like no other – NZ can offer what few countries can. The compact size means you can be visiting beaches, mountains and rainforests all in the same day. It is now well-known for being the Lord of the Rings landscape, and in real life it lives up to the expectation.

A custom placement – We would not expect you to head over the ditch to help the kiwis pour coffee and sharpen pencils. Our internships are unique and customised to your career aspirations, hobbies, interests and skills.