Intern in Ireland

  • intern in dublin ireland
Boost your resume with a hands-on 8, 10 or 12 week internship with a leading company or organisation in Ireland. When you clock off for the day you will have one of the greatest cities in Europe on your doorstep! Dublin locals are known for being welcoming and talkative, and for having a great sense of humour. You'll love living in this friendly city where you can go to Celtic music concerts and have an amazing St Patrick's Day with new Irish and international friends.

Work at a leading company or organisation in your chosen field, while growing professionally and personally in one of Europe's great cities – Dublin. Our Intern in Ireland program gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and boost your resume, plus have a great time exploring a fantastic city and country. Our programs are extremely flexible – choose between 8, 10 and 12 weeks.

Multi-Cultural Dublin – You might not expect it, but Dublin has become one of Europe's true multi-cultural destinations. Economic growth has brought immigrants from throughout the world to Dublin and the result is a city buzzing with excitement, fun and colour.

A Great Working Experience – Through this internship, you get hands-on experience with a leading company or organisation. You work as part of a team and will be responsible for developing and delivering projects. We will match your skills and goals to maximise your talents.

References to Kickstart your Career – You'll work hard and enjoy the benefits of forming lasting relationships with co-workers and fellow interns. Plus you'll return home with international references to kickstart your career.

Travel and Explore – Dublin, Ireland is your gateway to Europe. Travel throughout the UK on cheap airfares and even hop across to another country for the weekend. It is all at your doorstep and within easy reach.

Networking Toolkit – we'll provide the training and the resources to get you noticed and on the fast track to a great career. Included in your Networking Toolkit will be: resume and interview coaching, business card design and internship completion certificate. We'll also provide access to a range of career seminars to help you develop contacts through LinkedIn and how to improve your interview and resume skills.