Intern in China

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Experience the benefits of accelerating your international business skills while working and living in the vibrant cities of Beijing or Shanghai. Placements available in a wide range of disciplines from one month to one year.

Your internship in China will be customised in length and matched to your interests. You can expect to gain practical skills in your area of study and really boost your CV with international work experience. Our Intern in China placements are offered in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Internship placements are in English, however, placements in Mandarin are also available

You will experience:

Customised placement – An internship is an opportunity to work on your career goals as well as specific interests, and those personal skills are just waiting to be explored. We take that all into account with a customised internship that will maximise every moment of your placement.

Boost your future earning potential – Yes, you'll pick up a bit of Mandarin during your internship, but it’s the references and certificates that you'll take home that will really boost your career prospects. How's this to make your resume standout: professional references, an Employer Reference Letter and an Intern Certificate of Completion. Oh, and there's also that priceless international work experience.

Learn Mandarin – You do not need to speak Mandarin to participate in this program, but what an opportunity to learn some of the language during your internship. Included in the comprehensive program are group Mandarin lessons. A great way to also enjoy a cultural experience.

Support all the way – We are with you before, during and after your internship. Our CISaustralia team in Australia will work with you before you leave, and we'll be there for you when you arrive in China.

Explore China – China is a place of immense diversity, both culturally and geographically. Your internship will give you plenty of time to explore and experience what China and its people have to offer.