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Intern abroad with CISaustralia for a practical experience and personal growth. Custom internships run year-round for all fields. Interning overseas stands out on a resume like nothing else!

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Intern in China
Intern in China China

Experience the benefits of accelerating your international business skills while working and living in the vibrant cities of Beijing or Shanghai. Placements available in a wide range of disciplines from one month to one year.

Intern in England
Intern in England England

London is one of the world's business and financial capitals. Our 8 and 12 week internships in London provide a great opportunity to gain incredible world- class experience in your chosen field, while enjoying everything London has to offer. You may find yourself working in a global corporate head office, or even British Parliament.

Intern in Ireland
Intern in Ireland Ireland

Boost your resume with a hands-on 8, 10 or 12 week internship with a leading company or organisation in Ireland – and when you clock off for the day you will have one of the greatest cities in Europe on your doorstep. Dublin locals are known for being welcoming and talkative, and for having a great sense of humor! You'll love living in this friendly city where you can go to Celtic music concerts and have an amazing St. Patrick's Day with new Irish and international friends.

Intern in Malaysia
Intern in Malaysia Malaysia

Intern in one of South East Asia’s fastest growing economies – Kuala Lumpur! If you’re seeking a dynamic and enriching environment and want to take your learning outside of the classroom, KL is the place to be. You’ll have the chance to choose from a diverse range of opportunities and get to know what it’s like to work in this exciting region of Asia. Many business operations in Malaysia use English as the primary language, so you will get all the benefits of an international internship without having to learn a completely new language.

Intern in South Africa
Intern in South Africa South Africa

Cape Town is a beautiful, lively seaside city – why not explore all South Africa has to offer by combining an eight to twelve week professional internship with the benefits of travelling in a country known for adventure and fun!

Intern in Spain
Intern in Spain Spain

Ever dream of working in a travel agency, at a magazine or investment business... in Spain? You can spend from 6 to 12 weeks in beautiful Barcelona working in a company (English and / or Spanish – depending on your levels of Spanish) while soaking up the city's wonders. Sounds like the ideal way to gain international work experience, live abroad and experience one of the coolest cities in Europe. Only have limited time? Check out our 4-week program starting in June, November and January each year.

Intern in New Zealand
Intern in New Zealand New Zealand

Accelerate your practical business skills while experiencing the benefits of living in an amazing scenic country with a month to year-long custom internship placement. It’s so close to home, why not?

Intern in Thailand
Intern in Thailand Thailand

Expand your personal and professional horizons through a custom internship placement in vibrant Bangkok, Thailand! When you intern in Thailand you'll get everything you need to make the most of your time: a custom-chosen professional internship, exceptional support, and cultural engagements.