Customised Faculty Led Programs

  • cflp los angeles
  • cflp china
  • cflp london
  • cflp london
Mitigate risk, save countless hours and emails, and draw on our expertise and on-site staff support when you customise with CISaustralia!

CISaustralia can arrange a Customised Faculty Led Program that is conventional and traditional or exclusive and unique. Some examples of past programs include;

  • Biochemistry and Alternative Medicine in China
  • Celtic Christianity in Ireland
  • Oil Production in Norway
  • Architecture in Amsterdam
  • Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
  • Healthcare in Brazil
  • Sports Management in London (Olympics 2012)
  • Homeopathic Medicine in the UK
  • Studio Art in Italy
  • Bicycle Infrastructure in the Netherlands and Denmark
  • Education in Ireland
  • Group Volunteer Programs
  • Group Internship Programs