Customised Faculty Led Programs

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Mitigate risk, save countless hours and emails, and draw on our expertise and on-site staff support when you customise with CISaustralia!

Start Customising Today with CIS!

Phase 1: Planning

1. If you are interested in a Customised Faculty-Led Program, take 15 minutes out of your day to complete and submit your CISaustralia questionnaire

2. Upon receipt of your questionnaire, CIS will contact you and thank you for your interest and confirm receipt. CIS will discuss your program and destination in greater detail and ask any clarifying questions. CIS will send you a formal proposal within 14 days. 

3. Submit your CISaustralia proposal to your Faculty Dean or Head of Department for approval.

Phase 2: Implementation

4. Market the program on campus (follow the CISaustralia Marketing Guide).

5. Work directly with your CISaustralia representative to finalise airfares, accommodation, excursions and lecturers.

6. Accept and process applications and program payments.

7. Pre-Departure meeting and orientation.

8. Take-Off!

Phase 3: Follow-Up

9. Re-entry debriefing.

10. Evaluations.

11. Post-program meeting for future improvements and planning.

CONTACT CISaustralia:

T: 07 5571 7887