Academic Credit

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CISaustralia partners with fully accredited universities as well as academic institutes.

Academic Credit

For many students gaining academic credit towards their degree in Australia will be one of the most important elements to their overseas experience. Depending on the overseas program and how closely it relates to the students degree here in Australia, academic credit will often be awarded by your University here in Australia. 

On average, over 98% of all CISaustralia University students who participate in a volunteer, internship or short-term study program are awarded academic credit from their Australian home University towards their degree.

For some students the experience itself is the primary motivator, however, CISaustralia will work closely with every student to provide detailed academic counseling and guide them efficiently through this process. 

CISaustralia prides itself on having close relationships with University International Offices and Faculty across Australia. The CISaustralia programs you choose may count as academic credit towards either core or elective courses within your degree here in Australia. CISaustralia will provide you with individual course descriptions, detailed syllabus and clear instructions on the academic credit approval process.  

Academic Credit Approval Process:

  1. Complete the CISaustralia application
  2. CISaustralia will assess your application and eligibility
  3. The nervous wait ;)
  4. At CISaustralia, we won’t make you wait long. We endeavor to turn around all completed applications in 48 hours or less! The only exception being peak periods. Students should try to lodge their applications and associated documentation as early as possible, to avoid delay and disappointment in missing application deadlines. 
  5. One of our trained counselors will contact you with the good news – get set for the experience of a life time! 
  6. Once you have been accepted into the program and paid your deposit, CISaustralia will provide you with relevant course syllabus and detailed instructions on the credit approval process at your University.

University and Faculty Contacts

After you have been confirmed into the CISaustralia program your Faculty will assess your course(s) for academic credit. CISaustralia will assist you in this process. The credit approval process at your University will normally involve your;

  • Faculty  Head of Department, or
  • Academic Advisor, or
  • Your Program or Course Convenor

Note: Your University's International Office or Outbound Mobility Office is often a good source of information in relation to Faculty contacts and general overseas study advice. Again, CISaustralia will assist in providing the names and contact details of the most appropriate contact within each Australian University.